Energy and Gas Provider VIC

Hey Guys,

Moving into a 3 Bed Townhouse and wanting to know who the best provider is?

Any advice would be fantastic.

Thank you


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    I use GloBird.

    Not a bad company! Very competitive prices, just note that prices fluctuate so much.

    Please use this website:

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      If OP can find the NMI and put it into the energy compare website it can pull up last 12 month history. Provided last occupants were normal people it would be pretty accurate.

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    ^ This.

    But of course check GloBird's rates for your new location.

    Get a referral from OzB and get $50 applied to your second bill.

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    Nice nice, what suburb? Energy Australia here but haven't been with them long enough to recommend..

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    usually Qenergy (this is the cheapest for me as I have time of use peak/offpeak package), Tango, Globird, but check with

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      Currently on Q energy after globird constant price hikes

      • same here

    • Hey could you message a referral code for qenergy? the referral system doesn't work automatically

      • I have signed up with Globird now for a better deal. I also couldn't find a place to enter QEnergy code back then.

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    I'm with Reamped on their handshake plan and they work out 15-20% cheaper than the next best option for my electricity distributor in VIC. They also have a bonus $50 referral credit that helps even more!

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    Tango for gas and power, they're usually among the lowest. But this is not a long term relationship. Run a check every 6 months and move if you find something cheaper.

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    Depending on where you are and usage;

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    Reamped for electricity and Globird for gas

  • Thank you

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    I feel like i saw globird mentioned somewhere else recently

  • I am using AGL.

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    im with powershop for electricity, and recently started the switch to Globird for gas (was also with powershop)

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    Can some one refer me for glow bird gas please

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    Thank you so much to everyone for your help, plumped for Globird for the Gas and ReAmped for the Electricity

  • I just got rejected by Globird for gas due to credit check. Does any know which gas companies does not to do any credit checks? If I keep failing credit checks how do I get my gas connected??

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