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[NSW] Anko Haven Quilt Cover Set in-Store Only - $2.50 DBL/ $3 Q/ $3.50 K @ Kmart Marrickville Metro


long time lurker but first time poster so please be gentle

I purchased this a few months ago in VIC for around $8 (supposedly clearance price at the time), however I noticed today at Kmart Marrickville Metro (NSW) that it's $2.50-$3.50 (surely clearance price but plenty of stock and just showing as standard shelf price). Plenty of stock (around 15-30 in each size). Not showing online.

**PHOTO UPLOAD NOT WORKING*** link here: https://imgur.com/a/cH2YNFc

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    • thanks - have corrected :) Can't upload image for some reason.

      • If OzB file uploader isn't working, upload to an image sharing website like imgbb or Imgur and then share link :)

    • +1

      Madness, i know kmart quality has been better but this is next level.. i wouldnt imagine lining up at midnight just to enter kmart.. (well tbh i wouldnt and never line up at apple store as well)

  • What colour is it?

  • Missing many valuable details, did you not take a photo of the shelf at all?

    • Yes - OzB photo upload thing is cooked - doesn't work via Chrome or MS Edge - have updated listing with Imgur link to photo

      • Yeah I normally just externally link, nice subtle colour for $2.50 lol. Cotton too.

        Got a blue stripy cotton one for $3/$3.50 (?) from Kmart on Catch and quality is reasonable. Goes well with my Kmart bedsheets XD

  • Thanks. Will check local Kmart tomorrow.

    Picked up $1 King cotton Quilt Cover Set @Target 3 weeks ago on clearance. Little stock in regional store. Time of year to stock up.

    • Checked in a Brisbane store the next day - cheapest King was $24.

  • Always prefer Target's product quality better than Kmart. To me Kmart sells too many cheap sh!t

  • Anyone know if there is still any stock left?

  • Still plenty of stock now at Marrickville Metro in all sizes.

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