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reiga 52-in DC Motor Ceiling Fan with LED Light Remote Control $175.99 Delivered @ reiga fan Amazon AU


155*20mm Silicon steel 240V DC motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement, mute rotation, energy efficient and long service life.
Airflow: 6477cfm.Energy Usage: LED light with 1000 lumen ,12W, LED color temperature will be change to warm white(3000K),cool white(5700K),full light(8700K).
17 degree pitch optimized, ABS blades soaking water will not be deformed, moisture-proof, specially designed for patio and damp locations.
Remote control. With governing speed ,reverse feature,1/2/4/8 timing function, setting the timer function when you go to sleep and no worried about you will feel too cool at night.
Easy to install and Quick Insertion: Standard Down-rod Assembly 10-Inch and Minimum -Length Down-rod 6-Inch.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hi op

    Does this fan have an RCM compliance number?

    • +1

      Yes, the RCM compliance number is EESS-210348.

  • Hi op

    Do you have anything which are low profile without the light? Thanks.

    • The fan without the light is out of stock, we are stepping up the restocking.

      • Would be interested in those myself. Any ETA ?

      • also keen for deals for fans without lights.

  • +4

    You used to sell white ones around $100. Any chance of running similar (around $100) promotions for the white ones? Thanks

    • Hi, we tried to do a promotion at about $130 2 years ago, but our product has now been upgraded to include color temperature adjustment, RCM certification, and packaging optimization, so the selling price has been increased.

      • I have bought a white one from you for $107 around 2 years ago. Wanted to buy more but there was a glitch on amazon.
        Mine has colour temperature adjustment, don't really care about packaging or certification.
        Will be happy to buy one for the similar price without the packaging optimization or certification.

        • +1

          @Musiclover would you mind sharing your experience? I am looking to buy for all bedrooms but was not sure of its reviews.

          • +1

            @jughead101: I do not have a lot of experience in ceiling fans to be honest. I used to have really old and noisy one in the master bedroom, then I bought this. For the $107 it was very affordable and I really liked the white colour as it does not stick out as much on the white ceiling.
            It is fantastic - whisper quiet and great airflow. Important thing is that it is reversible as well, so you can make it flow onto the ceiling rather than yourself - very gentle.
            For $200 they are being sold now - not nearly as interesting, lots of alternatives.

          • +1

            @jughead101: I got one for the kind of price in this post. When you have it pushing air down it doesn't have a very slow setting (a waft) which would be good on hot nights for sleeping. You can reverse it which does give that effect - it goes up then down the walls.

            One thing I don't like is after a power cut the light comes on. So if you go away on holiday and forget to turn off the wall switch, then have a power cut, when the power comes back on the light will just stay on till you get home. Or if it happens when you're asleep, it wakes you up because it's very bright. I'd prefer the default after a power cut was off.

  • Yes, the RCM compliance number is EESS-210348.

  • Is this suitable for use in an alfresco?

    • Yes, but you can't let it get wet with rain.

  • Do you sell replacement remote controllers ?

  • +1

    I have 4 of these fans. I find that the vibration that gets transferred to the roof creates a humming noise that can get very annoying. It's also almost impossible to get rid of.
    They are very good at moving large volumes of air but I find that the first speed is too fast for when you just want gentle circulation.

    • I don't have any humming/vibration, so it's likely either the structure of your house, or how the fan is mounted.

      Agree on the lowest speed down being too strong. Does it work for you running it pushing up?

    • Try using the balancer tabs / weights that came with the fan?

  • I installed this fan a couple of weeks ago and it was easy to install, looks great, the light has 3 colours. I haven't used it that much yet but had a trial run, it seems to work fine…does the job.

  • Code not working for me - is the code only for the brown fan?

    • Yes, the code only for the brown fan.

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