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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Black $219 Delivered @ AZ eShop via Amazon AU


As we are approaching summer, needed in ear buds as, over the ear headphones started to cause sweating.
Noticed the past deal has been marked expired, but amazon still showing similar price. So did a successful price beat at OfficeWorks and got the black version for $208.05. Called their 1300 number as the store near me is out of stock.

Silver for $195.00
Violet for $198.00 -Amazon shows only one in stock at the time of posting.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Check reviews.

    Very hard to get a good fit. Mine keep sliding out using all the tip sizes

    • I haven't pulled the trigger on these because I'm worried about fit. Looks to be either a love it or hate it thing.

      If you're happy to pay full price for them, Samsung's website does list them having a 30 day satisfaction guarantee - https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/satisfaction-guarant...

      If you were really in pursuit of a bargain, I guess you could always exploit this and send the buds back even if they did fit and then buy from a cheaper source.

    • My personal theory is that they have someone who hates Samsung where they designed and made the earphone tips.

      Jokes aside, I think a lot of the problems that people have with this earphone can easily be linked to the earphone tip. The fit, the comfort, the noise cancelling aspect, etc etc.

      You can get a third party one, but I don't think there are anything that's made for Buds Pro in Australia (I maybe wrong). At least, the earphone tip being oval shaped makes it hard to find something that's 100% compatiable (unless they made it for Buds Pro).

      • Comments from previous deal suggested memory foam tips

        • Yeah, I still think they are slightly iffy, since you have to stick something that's meant to go into a circle, to a oval shapped thing.

          I have a lot of tips from here and there. I bought bunch of foam tips and sillicone tips… Nah, fitting a PVC like circular tubing into an oval shaped tip that's very stubby is very iffy.
          I could try it again, but not now, since the earphones are being repaired due to my carelessness. I can try it again when the earphone arrives back from the repair shop.

          I would probably go with something that has a oval shape that's grabbing onto the grooves though.

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    This is an unremarkable price for the black ones - ie can get on ebay for $207 with SPENDNSAVEOCT code right now.


  • Most of the $200-$250 priced ones floating around appear to be the international models which have questionable warranty status with Samsung Australia (you'd technically still be entitled to go back to the seller if they're still around).

    If you're looking to try an OW price match though, the Amazon listing has a plus that in it's specs it still lists the AUS model number (even if what you'd actually receive wasn't that exact model - as mentioned in a few reviews).

  • Is it worth upgrading from earbudplus ?

    • same qs for me :/
      I am using it on the iPhone12 though

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