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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Black $211 Delivered @ Swiftronics via Amazon AU


Was looking to buy these for my sister and found them on Amazon at what looks like very close to the all time best prices shown on 3Camels.

Silver also available for $217.34

Violet also available for $217.00

Looks like the same model numbers on Amazon as those shown on the comparable Officeworks pages so if the deal is still live in the morning you could try for a price beat at Officeworks if you're not in lockdown.

Edit: Price on black dropped by $1.00 and silver increased by $0.17

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Sound etc is good but constantly falling out of my ears.

    Can't get a good fit with any of the ear bits.

    • +3

      I got the same issue. it keeps falling out from left year but right ear stays firm.

      • +1

        Exact same problem here

      • Same here.. I've heard some people say using foam tips help

  • +1

    Isn't a great fit, keeps coming out of ears and pains after 30 minutes. ANC isn't good at all.
    Wouldn't recommend it.

  • +1

    sold mine and bought my self a buds plus in the end

  • +1

    I genuinely don't understand why Samsung went for an ellipse shaped earphone tip.
    It's like asking for a trouble unless they have done an amazing job with the earphone tips (since finding something that works with this thing is annoying).
    And they haven't. The earphone tips that came with the earphone is very small, even L, compared to other earphones.

    Regardless, I am fortuante enough that it works fine with my ear, and I found it to be fairly good in terms of comfort and noise cancelling.
    That said, I can see why people are having issues with the fit, which then would affect noise cancelling and comfort.

  • +3

    I've been pretty happy with these, using them for about 2-8 hours a day, having upgraded from Buds+.

    The Buds+ had a stronger hold, but the Buds Pro don't hurt to have in for hours, so give and take. Wiping the silicon tips after using them for a few hours makes them way better, they just seem to get more slippery from sweat and earwax than the Buds+ did.

    But the ANC is a total gamechanger, it makes a huge difference on PT and loud indoor areas like offices. Used to have to carry a proper ANC headset for PT trips, now I can just bring my earbuds, so much better. I'm never going back to non-ANC earbuds after seeing the difference.

    • How is the mic quality on these buds?

  • +2

    Having tried half a dozen wireless earbuds, these are easily my favourite. Sound quality is great, excellent battery life, call quality is fine, ambient mode works well, active noise cancelling is okay, not the best, but the ones with clearly better ANC cost a lot more. They fit my ears very well, have no issues running while wearing them. Clearly your mileage may vary in that regard. I like that they are fully independent, either earbud can be used by itself, with the other earbud in the case.

  • +1

    I bought these about a month ago and initially had the same fit issues a lot of people are having.
    I solved this by buying some aftermarket tips that work really well for me. Memory foam tips work best in my opinion
    The ability to customise is really good, sound quality is excellent.

  • -2

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro $188.99 from kogan


    Appears it is the same model

    This vs the Sony WF1000XM3

    Sony is $61.99 cheaper.

    According to reviews -
    Sony has better noise cancelling.
    Samsung has IPX7 water resistance rating. (sony, none)
    Sony has better sound quality. (apparently)
    Samsung has better mic quality.
    Samsung has wireless charging.
    Samsung is about half the size.

    Personally I will likely go with Galaxy Buds Plus for $112.99.


    Galaxy Plus features over the Pro

    They fit better with the wing tips.
    No active noise cancelling, though I already have Sony WH-1000XM4 over ears if I need that.
    11.5 hours charge (nearly twice that of the pro).
    Only IPX2 water resistance rating.
    Else sound/call quality appears similar.

    • Kogan ones are overseas stock, not comparable.

      Also, I own both Pro and Plus. I'll go Pro anyday over Plus, if I were to buy another pair in terms of sound and mic quality.

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