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Virgin Australia: Nonstop Flights to Fiji from Sydney from $413 Return @ Flight Finder


Destination: Nadi
Airline: Virgin Australia
Valid Departure Dates: 24 January to 25 March 2022 & 1-27 May 2022 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out


  • Carry on baggage only

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    Ozbargain meetup Fiji?

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    I really hope this is all ok for any number of reasons, but I would strongly recommend:
    - Check for your accommodation options and prices before you go. Fiji has been heavily affected by COVID so some previous options may not be similarly priced now (although there appears to be some encouraging deals available)
    - Keep abreast of the conditions of travel; ABC is reporting today that you need to spend at least 10 days there, show proof of vaccination and return a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before their departure. On arrival in Fiji, tourists will be required to spend 48 hours on hotel premises before returning a negative rapid diagnostic test, which will allow them to travel freely to "safe" areas throughout the country.
    - Take out travel insurance, and make it a good one. COVID is one thing to consider, but so are the effects of climate change on the region. There is an increased likelihood of cyclones in the season, with that season extending in duration. This is an excellent publication: https://niwa.co.nz/climate/southwest-pacific-tropical-cyclon...
    - Be kind when you are there; the people of Fiji did it tough and need all the help they can get to recover.

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      We were reading a recent article that said that their hospital system is under a lot of stress still at the moment - so be aware that if things go badly then you might struggle to get medical help at the moment.

      • You could just get on the next flight to Australia couldn't you?

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          Of course, if:
          - you are well enough to travel
          - you have the money to pay for the flight, or perhaps pay to change your flights

          I understand that some travel insurance policies provide for medical evacuations.

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        To be fair, the Australian hospital system is under a lot of stress.
        And medical facilities in other countries are not always the same as we would want / expect. But, that is part of travel.

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          I agree. But if the medical care is questionable normally, then it might be pretty bad at the moment. Something worth keeping in mind.

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      Just want to correct you on something. The ABC also got it wrong. you do NOT have to spend 10 days in fiji. Fiji is operating under a green lane travel system, and they say you must have spent at least 10 days in the green lane countries prior to coming to fiji. no minimum travel time in fiji.

      • -3

        Cool. Happy for the ABC report to be corrected; a citation would be appreciated.

        Regardless, my point was/is that conditions change and the traveller needs to keep aware of that.

        BTW, it is 'Fiji', not 'fiji'.

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          "'Fiji', not 'fiji'."

          Tiny bit pedantic, just a capitalization hiccup

          • -3

            @jaygee: I think you mean "…capitalisation…".

            All country names should be capitalised. Once could be a typo, but not twice.

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              @GG57: My phone is set to US dictionary, so no that is in fact correct as per that.

              Anyways, fiji.

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                @jaygee: How about showing some fortitude, take actual ownership of your phone, and update the settings to align with the country that you live in / the language used in this country?
                Too hard?

                And sure, insult a whole country, why not?

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                  @GG57: How about you take your comment and shove it where the sun don't shine.

                  No one in fiji is losing sleep over this.

                  • -1

                    @jaygee: And if you had not bought into my response comment to dreamtime, we could have been friends.

    • If you get your news from the ABC I'm surprised you'd even consider leaving your home for your own safety.

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    Can you work out a deal Melbourne to New Delhi?

    • One way?

  • Which resort has the best breakfast buffet?

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      We enjoyed the Marriott in Fiji (there's only one in Momi bay or something), it's a fantastic resort, one of the newer ones.

    • Westin Denarau's is pretty good.

    • All of them on denerau have buffet breakfast options. The best in my experience has been the sofitel.

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    How do you get on or land if it’s non stop?

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    Is a non-stop flight from Sydney to Fiji unusual?
    Where would it stop - New Caledonia?

    • Brisbane.

    • Some of the other Fiji deals previously posted have a stop. For example from Sydney, some flights to via Melbourne

    • Why would it need to stop? It's only a 4 hour trip

      • It obviously doesn't - but the deal is specifically described as 'non-stop', like that's some type of special feature.

  • Virgin Australia: Nonstop Flights to Fiji

    Parachute ??

  • keep in mind very expensive compulsory COVID tests currently that you'd need to budget around $700 p/p
    The sooner they subsidise or change this madness the better

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    Buyer beware.
    You'll be up for a PCR test running up to 250 dollars before you leave and need one before you depart from Fiji (similar cost c200).
    The tests could work out nearly as much as the flight.
    Then 7 days at home quarantine.

    Also from travel forums Fiji Airlines have not been refunding flights from 2020 that were cancelled due to Covid.

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