Any Expert with Sewing Machine Issue

Any expert here can point out where the problem is?
Its a new machine, unopened for last 5 years.


  • No expert but… Is the bobbin down the bottom threaded right?, maybe pull it out and see if the machine still stalls..

    Also, flick the black bobbin winder thingy at the top right to the left…

    • Is the bobbin down the bottom threaded right?
      maybe pull it out and see if the machine still stalls..
      tried, no luck
      Also, flick the black bobbin winder thingy at the top right to the left
      tried, no luck

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        Can you post another video with the black bobbin winder on the top right of the machine flicked to the left? Because it appears to be working correctly - when it is to the right, the motor is disengaged from the sewing mechanism, and all that should happen is the bobbin winder spins, which I can see that it is.


          Same behavior once its on left.
          Also, if we pull the right side big wheeler the bobin winder works fine.

          • @kasakaybarahayna: In your video it's not on the left. That the hand wheel is spinning the bobbin winder shows its engaged to the bobbin winder not the sewing mechanism. It might be stuck or something, but it needs to stay on the left

            • @deeevan: Here is another video:

              Bobbin is out.
              Right side wheeler is in.
              Top left black knob is on left side.

              • @kasakaybarahayna: Bobbin winder = top black knob
                Hand wheel = right side wheeler

                It's good progress to see the needle moving up and down when you turn the hand wheel, and briefly when you pressed the pedal.

                Turning the hand wheel anti-clockwise/overhand towards you is the forward direction, in the video you're mostly going backwards. It's hard to make out what's happening with the thread, but there's some unusual slackening and tightening of the thread and it doesn't looked threaded into the needle. My next guess is that going backwards and forwards has created a tangle in there. Have you had any thread snap lately?

                Unthread and check the thread path for any thread that could be jamming it, especially where it loops under and over the tension disc (the dial on the left set to 2)

  • Not an expert by any means but my guess is bobbin incorrectly wound or installed. It seems to be it can't pull thread out so bobbin issue seems likely to me.

    • Confirmed its not the case —-> bobbin incorrectly wound or installed.

  • No expert either, but just a dude that used to learn on it so that I could show my mum how to use it. lol

    Need more info - can you take a longer video of the different components and with the bobbin cover open?

    You can usually twist that rotating thing on the right hand side (don't know what it's called) back and forth slowly to see where things are getting stuck.

    • thanks, here is bit longer vid:

      • I still can't tell by the longer video - sorry.

        When you take out all the thread of the machine, does it move freely when you press the pedal? If it does, then it's likely the way the thread's been put through. Might need to go step by step through the instructions again.

        If it still doesn't spin freely without any thread in there (and there's no thread stuck anywhere) then it either needs to be oiled or it's probably faulty.

        • I don't think it is a matter of anything being stuck as the bobbin winding stick should not be spinning in sewing mode. My money is on the handwinder wheel being pulled out.

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    Might need some lubrication?

    • Gave dose of wd40, no difference.

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        Never use WD40 on machinery. It dries out and gums things up. Sewing machine oil is the correct lubricant.

  • Change the stitch pattern dial and also try pulling the lever to reverse direction?

    • Tried to change stitching pattern dial, no luck.

      Here is another video:

      Bobbin is out.
      Right side wheeler is in.
      Top left black knob is on left side.

      • Stitching pattern dial is the one showing A B C D E etc. Try turning that and step on the pedal. Video only shows you turning the wheel on the right.

        Also try holding down the blue lever (just below the thread guide on top) and step on the pedal. Machine should go in reverse.

        The dial with the number 2 is the thread tension dial. Try changing it too?

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    • is the handwinder wheel pushed in?
    • is the bobbin holder for threading pushed to the left (the black spike in the top right)?

    It looks like you're in bobbin winding mode. Have a look at the manual.

    • Here is another video:

      Bobbin is out.
      Right side wheeler is in.
      Top left black knob is on left side.

      • The video doesn't show that the wheel is pushed in. If you're sure you're sure, but if it isn't a pain to make another video I wouldn't mind seeing (maybe pull it out then push it in on video)

        Maybe the other commenters are right that it should be taken to a repair shop maybe just for a clean and re-oil. I think it is strange that it won't sew at all…. I feel like it would sew but just make loud complaining noises if it needed new oil. I don't know much though so could easily be wrong

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    If the machine has not been used in five years there is a pretty good chance the old oil has dried up and turned to a substance closely related to glue. This appears to be the case from the video. Needs to be pulled apart, cleaned and reoiled. Normally a job for a sewing machine repairer.

    • Thanks, any idea how much this kinda job would cost at repair shop?

      • No idea sorry. I had to do my own but I have lots of practice fixing machinery and have an ultrasonic cleaner. Sewing machine repairs on google seemed to come up with a few suggestions.

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    Looks like the motor is jammed at the sound of it. If you are handy with tools you can open and check it.

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    I had a problem last year as a beginner with my new and unused machine I bought years ago. I think one of these videos solved the problem but can't remember which one.

    I'd bookmarked them all. I was able to start sewing after watching one of them. Hopefully one of these will solve your problem.

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    Take photos of bobbin area as you do this, so it will go back together easily:

    Open little black arms and remove race and hook.
    Check for any thread/lint and remove it.
    Replace hook and race and close arms again.

    Take a wound bobbin and insert it correctly into bobbin case (check manual if in doubt).

    Push balance wheel firmly in.
    Ensure bobbin winder is firmly pushed to left.

    Thread machine correctly, making sure needle is inserted with flat side to the back and pushed right up, as far as it will go.

    Lower the foot onto the needle plate and turn balance wheel toward you, not backwards.

    You should see a loop of top thread come down and wrap around bobbin thread.

    When take-up lever returns to its highest position, lift the foot again and pull the end of the needle thread – if all OK it should pull bobbin thread up through needle plate.

    (If not, timing is out, and it should be serviced by a qualified technician – around $130 usually.
    If you’re going to purchase another, spend about $500 to get something decent. )

    If so far so good, pull threads out to LHS, tucking needle thread through slot in foot.

    Now turning balance wheel always toward you, foot down on needle plate, see if you can get it to form about 10 stitches.

    If all is well, now try pressing the foot controller.

    If no joy, problem can be with foot controller/belt/thread jamming up the works under the covers.

    Once again, time to get it serviced.

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    I am a professional sewing machine technician.
    Your machine has 'dried out', due to not being used for a long time.
    You need to remove the plastic covers and use some light machine oil on the top and bottom shaft bearings, also the cams that work the feed dogs and the needle bar bushes and take up links.
    Do not use WD40, and do not run the machine in the 'stalled' condition as you will burn out the motor.
    If successful you should be able to turn over the machine with 3 fingers…happy sewing!

    • Just amazing who we have in our community and the willingness of people to help.

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      Thank you very much :)
      Yes, this community is amazing.

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