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Custom Black T-Shirt US$9 Delivered (~A$12.25) @ Sticker Mule


Received this deal in the mail….


Our hottest product just got hotter.

This week only:
Get a custom black t-shirt for $9 (normally $19) + free shipping.


P.S. Ends Friday so buy now!


I’ve taken a chance to order one. The link maybe unique to me, so please check your inbox if you’ve received the deal.

Charged me AU$11.30 via PayPal. I’m yet to upload the design but went ahead with the order to lock it in. M/L/XL are available.

Hope it actually gets delivered (I’m still waiting for the free stickers from Aug 😅).

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    Updates to AUS$13

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      Generally buys cheaper if you pay via USD on the site.

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    Cool, stole a pic of my mate from his facebook profile where he looks a bit like a jazz musician and ran it through a pop art filter. Wonder how long till he realises it's him on my shirt. (Probably not long because I already have a mug with his face on it from a previous deal).

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    Ooh, nice. I found a size guide if anyone else wants it: https://www.stickermule.com/support/custom-t-shirt-sizing-gu...

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      Looks like they run really small?

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    Never received the stickers, so I will give this a big pass!

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      I've received both of my sets of stickers no problems.. that's strange.

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      I received my previous order but it did take a very long time for it to be delivered though.
      Took about a week for it to arrive in Australia and then about a month for it to reach my mailbox.

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    I've received at least 6 deliveries from these guys from similar specials they run, however current freight situation out of US is really bad so who knows if you'll get your order.

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      Got mine but took about 5 weeks i think

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    How many children do you reckon it takes to make one of these tees?

    • +16

      They are made from 100% cotton, so none?

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        I realise that was just a joke response, but… Child labour used to produce our cheap clothes is a serious issue.

        So the t-shirts are MADE BY no one??
        Well no one we care about…

        I've watched t-shirts being made in China by migrant workers in "sweat shops". Terrible conditions for little money.

        And the 100% cotton was GROWN & HARVESTED BY no one?

        Children are the cheapest labour, so may be used to produce our cheap clothes. We just don't realise it, or don't want to know!!

        So Its a valid, if uncomfortable question.

        And the answer from this business is…

        Are your t-shirts sourced responsibly?
        Our t-shirts are manufactured at an accredited Fair Labor Association (FLA) facility with the highest-ranking credentials available. The FLA maintains principles for responsible sourcing and responsible production to uphold and protect workers’ rights.

        Good to know.

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          Could you clarify how the poor children in the third world countries would benefit from our refusal to buy cheap clothes? Imagine that nobody in developed world wants to buy the unethically made t-shirts. The sweatshop owners realise there's no demand and shut down the business, or maybe change their business model - fire all the children, hire the adults, start paying fair wages and raise the prices of the t-shirts. Would it mean that the children can go to school and enjoy proper childhood where the food appears on their table with no effort from their side? Or they just have to start looking for the new ways to survive?

          • +7

            @mangoed: I think you understand the difficulties in changing exploitation (very low wages, poor conditions, child labour, slavery) at the source.

            That's why consumer awareness is possibly the most effective strategy. But that requires an effort & paying more by consumers…
            And lobbying businesses here & possible legislation to stop it.

            This business identified the problem (likely due to consumer lobbying) - ensuring t-shirts are manufactured at an accredited Fair Labor Association (FLA) facility with the highest-ranking credentials available.

            Shows it can work. But does it really change things for many, in the countries that make the clothes?

            My personal approach… Providing alternatives - employment & businesses in the rural villages. To help stem the migration to exploitative work in the cities.

            I have volunteered in poorer communities overseas - providing business training & seed capital for micro-businesses. I've done the same here. Funded by my own business. Teaming up with good locals & like minded foreigners.

            The objective was to provide a local alternative to gain an income, while building up the community, so the young didn't need to leave for sweat shops in the cities.

            Was effective on a village scale in Myanmar. I gained political support through meetings with local National League for Democracy leaders (Aung San Suu Kyi's party). And developed good relationships with NGO's. But that has quicky changed!

            My first experience long ago, taught me naive idealism won't win over local cronyism, corruption & political forces.
            I had been invited to discuss & teach this area by a local group overseas. I was detained on arrival, lectured how backward Australia is (rules restricting exploitation - limiting business profits, options, & employment…) & deported!!
            I've learnt a lot since then.

            If you've got a workable solution - there's probably an Economics prize in it.

            Slavery & exploitation has existed for thousands of years. It's whether we choose to participate in it & support it that matters.
            I'm far from perfect! But that was never my goal.

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      Do you know how many babies it takes to make one bottle of baby oil? ;-)

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        I'd assume one baby would make many bottles of oil. They're pretty chubby at that age!

  • I wonder what type of printing it is?

    • +2

      Since they are one-off designs, I think it must be direct-to-garment (DTG), not screen printing. For example: https://dtg.brother.com.au/

      They are doing many one-off tshirts so can afford to use a more expensive commercial printer, but I've seen that DTG printers have come down to around $2500. Really I'm just trying to tell myself that printing at home is still too expensive for a hobby.

      • Really I'm just trying to tell myself that printing at home is still too expensive for a hobby

        For me usually it's the wife telling me that!

        Well if you manage to convince yourself (or your partner) that you can make some money on the side doing it let me know! Happy to send you some orders!

      • I saw a video the other day of using single-layer 3d prints as iron-on transfers for T-shirts.

        Really cool idea, cheap to try ($200 for a 3D printer if you don't already have one). Dunno about longevity in the wash, but I'll be giving it a crack!

  • Received stickers just fine. Great quality. Definitely considering a shirt 👍

  • +1

    Just purchased and charged me $11.30

  • Back to USD19 now.

    Black custom t-shirt selected

    • Worked perfectly for me just then


      • -1

        Use referral to get the $13off so works out to be $6

        • It says I need to spend $41.10 to use my $13.70 credit from referral? Am I doing something wrong?

          • +1

            @Bradellin: I had the same issue with referral. "Will automatically be applied to orders greater than USD$30 during checkout."

            What is the work around to make it $6?

            • @matt0: Sorry I didn't test it fully. Just saw the referral amount and calculated it as that

      • Me too, still working.

  • I bought one on a whim.. But no idea what to upload.. Anyone have any good design ideas?

    • I just found one of those stickers online that has the year of your birth with the word vintage and original looks pretty cool.

    • The Godfather mate. You won’t regret it.
      An offer you can’t refuse

    • +1

      Tuxedo design 🤵

  • Great

  • Haha you beat me to it was about to post this

  • sweet. i'll make my own Suicide Squad Thinker shirt…

  • What's the best software that one can use to create/design t shirt prints? I want to make one of a cartoonised picture of my puppy with some words and his name on it.

    • +2

      I recommend the Canva site

      • +1

        Cheers mate, I'll give it a whirl!

  • I love stickermule - high quality and good price

  • Received my tshirt the other day, have to say, would not buy again. Dunno if the nap of the t-shirt is different to what they are used to but the print (white on black) was really thin and the coverage poor. Have had better experience with aliexpress sellers for similar money.

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