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50% off Selected Conset Sit/Stand Desks: Dux 501-49 $549 Delivered (Metro), 501-16 $399 Delivered (Metro)


50% off run-out sale - discontinued Conset Sit/Stand Desk Models. Will no longer be stocked after these are sold. Free delivery to metro areas, excluding Perth & Darwin.

Conset 501-49 Premium Sit Stand Desk $549 delivered to metro areas - 15 White, 8 Silver Available. (Updated 18/10 12:54pm: 8 white, 2 silver available)

Conset 501-16 Entry Level Sit Stand Desk $399 delivered to metro areas - 25 White Modesty/Silver Legs available (Updated 18/10 12:09pm: 14 available)

Includes tabletop, sizes available on product page.


Average delivery time?
Within 1 week to most parts of Australia.

What's special about the Dux 501-49?

  • Dux 501-49 is Conset's previous top of the line sit stand desk frame.
  • Aesthetically pleasing cylindrical columns
  • 3 stage leg allows for greater height range - suits both very short and very tall people
  • Cross bar at top of desks makes for very sturdy desking
  • Conset are a reputable brand that have been operating in Australia for over 10 years

Single or dual motor?
Single. Conset invest time into making better quality motors rather than putting two lesser quality motors in a desk.

Memory preset controller?
No, standard up/down switch only.

Assembly Required?
Yes, basic assembly is required. Assembly time approx 30-45 minutes

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  • cable management on either of these models? Also doesn't the motor have a 5 year warranty?

    • Hi, thanks for your question.

      Cable management is not part of the frame but can be added to your cart and purchased at the same time:

      Conset desks normally have a 5 year warranty, but for discontinued models the warranty is less based on expected availability of parts.

      • Are you sure about that? I think the warranty should still be 5 years?

        • Hi Micky, yes we're sure, this warranty advice has come direct from Conset.

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            @Ausergo: ok thanks. That is a shame as Ikea Bekant is very similar but 10 years warranty. Oh well. thanks

  • Hey there, i have a question, 1 user review commented "The only negative comment is there are no pre-drilled holes on the table top, so you will need to measure up to ensure you're installing the top centre with the legs."

    Is this true? does that mean we have to measure it ourself?

    How the quality of yours hold up to similar brands like omnidesk, desky etc.

    • This is true, as we use the same size tabletops for a variety of frame styles the tabletops are blank.

      It's quite easy to square them up if you assemble the desk upside down on top of the tabletop.

    • +1

      Regarding the other brands you mention, they are more or less designed and manufactured in the same place in China and imported to Australia. We don't like to drag our competitors so I will let you do a direct comparison.

      Whilst Conset's desks are also made in China, they are a well respected global company with their design headquarters based in Denmark. They have a team of engineers continuously tweaking and designing new products. Conset also have headquarters based in Australia, this means warranty enquiries are dealt with locally as stock is held in Australia.

  • I almost want to buy.

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      You only live once!

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        No, you live every day but you die once. Unless you're from faiths which believe in reincarnation.

        • Lawl

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    Recent post was well received here - Any user review would be helpful?

    • Hi surya12, this is not the same product or the same company as that previous post so we aren't able to provide any details.

    • I purchased a conset 501-17 from a previous deal here by Ausergo. I’ve had the desk for about 10-11 months now, and I’m happy with it. 1600x800 is a large size and I have a big 42” monitor on it with plenty of space left. Doesn’t come with a keyboard tray, but I did a DIY pullout tray using Ikea parts. Motor is good, no issues. Not having holes in the table top was no problem. Easy to position it and mount screws. The only slight downside is that the table top is slightly bent in the centre where my hands rest (I don’t always use the keyboard tray). This probably won’t happen to a smaller size table. 1600 is a rather wide table so some flex is expected. I’ve seen this on ikea boards too.

    • I purchased two 501-49 desks last year during a similar sale. At that time, the house wasn't settled yet, so I just placed the order but asked to put the delivery on hold. After the house was settled, I did a a measurement and found two 1.8 metres desk is too big so I changed the order to one 1.8 metres and 1.6 metres. Ausergo was very helpful on this to accommodate my needs, like holding on the delivery, changing the order. The communication was great.

      Now to the desk.
      1) The assembly didn't take long. I did use a bit of drill to make the holes a bit neat. Pre-drilled holes would be handy but not necessary.
      2) The desks are sturdy and after about one year usage, we had no issue with it so far. The missus uses the sit-stand function every working day recently. I don't do that often. But I can't see any difference between the two desks in term of the mechanism for up and down.
      3) The deskes are heavy especially with the long one. Make sure you move all the parts to the location you want and assmble it. Assembling it upside down helps to make it square, but make sure you have an extra hand flip it over after assembling.

      This was one of the best purchases I had after we moved to this new house, especially the work from home becoms new normal due to COVID.

      Ask if you have any questions about the desks. I will see if I can answer from a user's point of view.

  • Sorry silly question, but $399.00 includes everything right ? Base and top ?

    • That's right! Top, frame, screws, everything you need. Also includes delivery to metro areas.

  • I have the Conset 501-15 (not the same as the 501-16, though it does look similar) and I wouldn't recommend it.

    The sit-stand operation relied on a gear the size of a 10c piece and it snapped rendering the desk useless.

    The control was also terrible requiring you to push 2 switches at once to lower/raise the desk.

    • Hi Richieesyo,

      Sorry to hear you had trouble with your 501-15 frame. In the 8 years I've worked with Conset desks I have never seen a gear split like that, however this is the exact thing that would be covered by warranty. Were you able to make a claim?

      It looks like that gear was under a lot of strain - may I ask what you had on the desk? The 501-15 is only rated to 70kg (vs the 501-16 rated to 100kg).

      Regarding the control, this is to prevent accidental adjustment of the desk from bumping or brushing the buttons. Conset seem to have phased this out on all their models now and just go with a simple up/down switch.

      • Thanks for your response.

        Mostly just sharing my experience with a Conset desk.

        It broke more than 3 years ago and I've been using it as a sitting desk since.

        I reached out to Conset Australia though unfortunately as I purchased the desk from someone on Gumtree, my warranty request was denied as I was unable to provide an invoice. It happened while I was adjusting the desk to a standing position. The whole left side collapsed.

        I have 2 monitors and 2 speakers on my desk. The table top was a white melamine 1800x800.

        • That's a real shame, I hope you got it for a good price at least. I suspect whoever owned it before you overloaded it, there's simply no way a gear could snap without being under some serious strain, even if it is small. I might send this picture over to Conset for comment, I have a feeling they might support my theory.

  • Are there any non-CGI photos available? On provided images silver frame looks more like steel grey?

    Is Premium model stable enough fully raised with a largest top (1800x800), or better go with smaller top?

    Model 501-43 (I presume that's the latest premium?) has much cheaper RRP. Does it mean it might be on better deal e.g. for BlackFriday/CyberMonday sales? ;)

    • These are the only images we have I'm afraid. The 501-49 is well suited to an 1800mm tabletop, this size would be supplied with a 1720mm wide connecting rail so is very sturdy.

      The model 501-43 is the mid-range frame now, the Conset 501-23 will be Consets premium frame moving forward. We dont yet have the 501-23 listed on our website yet but you can see it on Conset's website here:

      There are no run-out sales planned for the 501-43 or the 501-23 as these will be continuously stocked.

  • Is there any chance we can get a memory preset controller separately like for some of the other desks, or is the up/down controller the only one that's available for this model?

  • $1000 originally for this desk?

    • Correct, the Conset 501-49 was $1099 at full retail price, which was still around lower than Consets RRP

  • Any Demo for the 501-16? Does 100 kg also include the table top as well?

    • Hi, we don't have any demos of this product I'm afraid. The 100kg includes tabletop (usually around 15-20kg depending on size)

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