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Maybe you got a lemon? The sound quality shouldn’t be that bad
14/01/2020 - 21:22
Depends on the shape of your glasses I suppose.
14/01/2020 - 14:55
Not great for phone calls in my experience. I’ve had these and the AirPods pro, and ended up returning both. These sound great and fit...
13/01/2020 - 22:32
@glados are you happy with the Sony Android TV interface? I have a 2018 Sony X85 and find the Android rather buggy, slow and unfriendly....
08/01/2020 - 15:57
+1 this is nice halloumi and is a regular buy for me.
20/12/2019 - 22:07
Nice one, OP! Shame I paid $10 more... I was at Costco Marsden Park yesterday and didn’t see this. Maybe store specific.
20/12/2019 - 22:05
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08/12/2019 - 00:21
Lagavulin 16YO Whisky $89.99 at Costco (Membership Required, Excludes QLD, SA)
Noticed a few whisky specials at Costco yesterday ( I went to Marsden Park, but expect these to be nationwide). Lagavulin 16YO $90 -...
07/12/2019 - 21:53
Thanks! Will check it out. Any further details / your experience with them would be great to know!
03/08/2019 - 14:54
Can the neg voters provide alternatives? I was with Getflix for many years, until 2 months ago, when I decided not to renew. What else is...
02/08/2019 - 16:26
Here’s my code in case anyone wants to use it. RAFOWN-ZT4P5T9KCP All the best!
31/07/2019 - 19:17
LOL. Just don’t tell the wife that!
31/07/2019 - 00:06
Hi. What does the HomeRun do for you? FTA tv can be seen on the aTV using the Freeview TV app.
30/07/2019 - 17:30
Very good quality moisturisers. Been using these for a couple of years, since Costco stopped their Kirkland brand, which was outstanding....
03/05/2019 - 18:27
I have had this TV for about a year. The Android OS is painfully slow. Anyone else experience this? By contrast, the WebOS on my LG is a...
05/04/2019 - 22:58
I think I might’ve seen you! lol
06/01/2019 - 22:04
Thanks OP. I went to Costco Marsden park at 5:30 and picked up 2. There were 2 more which got picked up before I left the store! Edit -...
06/01/2019 - 22:02
I was at Costco Marsden Park an hour ago. They had 4 there if anyone in Sydney is still looking for one of these.
27/08/2018 - 17:33
I picked up an AC-LR for about $135 on one of the eBay sales. Have it in the Garage and it covers the whole home (single storey)....
16/04/2018 - 18:38
All sizes in men’s already sold out! Did you manage to get any, OP?
08/04/2018 - 18:22
Same here. I got the Amazon shipment notification as well. And yes, China post tracking number.
13/03/2018 - 17:58
Great work, TA! Well done Sony, for the landing page. Just recently got a 55x8500 else I might’ve pulled the trigger on this.
13/03/2018 - 09:06
I think JB HiFi has the Plantronics Backbeat Fit for $99. I’d recommend those at that price. Edit - that deal must’ve expired. Comes up...
12/03/2018 - 20:03
Thanks OP. Ordered one. Hopefully no issues
04/03/2018 - 19:46
You can do this (changing address to an Australian one) now! It’s the first thing I did when I saw this deal. I can now ask Alexa to get...
19/01/2018 - 11:51
Same email. order cancelled. Surprised how poorly Amazon AU has started off. Product range is very limited, and now this.
05/01/2018 - 06:21
So desperately tried to resist this purchase. Gave in. Going from a 60" Sammy to this 55" OLED... hopefully size won't bother. edit- typo...
26/12/2017 - 12:58