What do I do with $900 perfect eftpos gift card ?

I bought 3 x $300 the perfect eftpos card cause of zip promotion 10% off to pay bill at post office as I was told energy Australia and Sydney water only accept eftpos . But no they don’t accept eftpos gift card! Wish I knew that .

What bills can I pay! So frustrating …

What choices do I have?


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    20.Can the perfect gift card be used to make purchases online?

    No. The Gift Card can only be used when the physical card is present.

    Can you pay the bills at Australia Post and use the physical card?

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      It "appears" this should work:
      22. Can The Perfect Gift Card Be Used For Direct Debit Bill Paying, Like A Phone Or Internet Bill?
      *No, the Gift Card cannot be used for recurring payments or direct debit bills. However, if it is a once off payment and is made in person, for example at the post office, where the store accepts EFTPOS payments – you may then use the Gift Card for this purpose, subject to the merchant’s discretion*.

  • I went to post office and said this and they said no even if website said it. I went to two post office. They said they been instructed to not use any kind of gift card even if it’s eftpos.

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      Interesting when they sell them!

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      I think it may be a case of trying to find a Post Office with the Coles-style self-service checkouts or finding a staff member who is not aware of such instructions.

      • I googled to find a locations of po self service check-outs but can't find any. Can u pm me or let me know pls location?

        • I’m not in Sydney, so I won’t be able to help you. Sorry!

    • Are there any post offices with self serve kiosks near you? The machines will accept your Eftpos gift card to pay bills (you can even split payments). Not sure if they have since changed this.

    • Just last week i paid utilities bill, water bill and emergency levy at australia post using variable eftpos card which was in sale at Woolworth last month. U don’t need to tell staff how u gonna pay as they accept eftpos card.

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    Use them for your weekly grocery shop.

    • Thanks but I already have $700 of Woolworths gift card lol

      • Save them for future? Personally, $900 would cover my family for 2 weeks of shopping.

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          How big is your family? $450 for a week of groceries is huge!

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            @dust: Mum, Dad and 2 Year Old Daughter. It varies, but last week was $450.

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              @geekcohen: I'm curious where that's going coz that also sounds very high to me

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            @dust: Who said anything about groceries? :D

            2 weeks of shopping

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        I would personally prioritise spending on the EFTPOS gift card over the Woolworths gift card, because EFTPOS gift cards have a three year expiry date, whereas Woolworths gift cards have no expiry.

      • Woolies 3rd party giftcard sale in future.

        • So can i buy other gifts cards with this? eg? stan? wish? amazon?

          • @FujiFruit: Not Woolworths Group gift cards (e.g. Woolworths, WISH, BIG W). I tried that last week and it didn’t work.

            Other gift cards (e.g. Apple, Stan, eBay, Ultimate, TCN) should work.

          • @FujiFruit: Ultimate cards are on sale this week.

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    Like anything at any shop that accepts eftpos?

    Am I missing something here?

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      Some merchants will not accept EFTPOS gift cards in some circumstances.

      • One example is Australia Post, where they instruct staff to reject prepaid EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard gift cards as payment methods.

      • Another example is Woolworths, where they block The Perfect EFTPOS gift cards when you try to use it to pay for Woolworths Group gift cards or other The Perfect EFTPOS gift cards.

      I’m sure there are other merchants who refuse EFTPOS gift cards, but I am aware of them!

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        Indeed, there will always be catches here and there … as OP has discovered!

        I just feel like $900 can pretty easily be spent even with the above.

        Who knows what Australia Post is doing, but otherwise supermarkets on your week-to-week shopping, petrol, clothing, cafes/restaurants, etc., etc. … it can't be that hard.

      • I must be lucky as managed to pay council rates using Coles Master Gift Card earlier this year at Aus Post. The cashier was even kind enough to do split payments as was using the $250 gift cards!

        • Very lucky!

        • Cant you pay it online to avoid face to face? I always use this type of cards to pay for bills where possible in NSW.

          • @Neoika: Online wouldn't allow split payment, at least not for my council.

  • Hi mate, i tried to send you a pm, could you please unlock or message me and i can reply


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    Just leave it in your purse or wallet. You will unexpectedly find yourself one day in a shop or restaurant and instead of paying by credit card or cash you can pay with your eftpos card.

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      Considering OP has three years to spend $900 in-store on these cards, that’s probably the best way to approach it… unless they leave it in the purse or wallet and forget about it until after it has expired!

    • This is what I do. Had a few $200 ones that whenever I had something over $200 I paid $200 with one of the cards then the rest via the credit card.

      Doesn't take long and it's nice to have a lower than expected credit card bill at month end. Wish I still had some, god knows how much money I'll be spending on clothes when I'm back in the office next year pats covid belly

  • You should have bought ONLY 1 VISA variable load with $300 card and pay bills online without issues. No person talking to.

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      I heard too many bad reviews of the prepaid credit cards that it was fraudulent etc so decided not to purchase it.

      • It is the same issuer as Perfect EFTPOS. If you can use them fast, nothing to worry about.

        I have used it for green slip, rego payment.

    • Can you buy an Only1 Visa variable load card with the Perfect EFTPOS gift card at Woolworths?

      • Dont know, possibly no.

  • would it work?

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    My experience is that I can use it anywhere that I can use my bank debit card. I never show it to the merchant, or ask them if it is accepted.

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      Exactly I think this is the OP's mistake. Don't give a retail employee the option to reject your method of payment. If it's not excepted it should be configured not to be excepted.

      The only way it's going to be rejected is if the payment terminal actually does the rejection because they've got status code set up for prepaid cards so they're not excepted.

  • Try signing up for snipp or other third party apps and see if you can add these cards as a payment method, or just use for everyday groceries, general merchandise, petrol and public transport tickets etc. $900 will evaporate in no time, trust me! Snipp is for paying your bills btw, there are service fees which can be avoided as per promos for new users for a couple of payments.

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      Try signing up for snipp or other third party apps and see if you can add these cards as a payment method

      Considering OP has EFTPOS gift cards and the EFTPOS network cannot be used for online transactions, that is not possible.

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      These cards can only be used in store. the eftpos network does not support online purchases.

      EFTPOS - Abbreviation for [electronic funds transfer at point of sale]
      eftpos - The Australian Payments Network.
      Eftpos - The New Zealand Consortium.

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    They do work. I paid green slip and my credit card bill at the post office using the perfect gift card. It’s an eftpos card and funds comes out of saving account.
    Go to smaller post office, the large one refused payment stating it’s for purchase only. Just walk away when that happens.

    Large one refers to those run by Australia post where they take forever to serve one customer. Smaller ones are runs by private operator, which are more efficient. From memory Concord West and Concord. Round Corner, Dural, Kellyville. I have made payments at those outside using the perfect gift card. I just told them I’m paying by eftpos and swipe the card.

  • Are you talking about these cards? https://auspost.com.au/money-insurance/buy-gift-cards/auspos...

    THey are bloody useless! I rack myself quite a few from ZIP 10% only to find out there are barely any places you could spend them.

    So far it worked on shopback for me.

    • Hi mate,
      Auspost Mastercard worked on shopback?
      I tried before it was not working:(

      • yea it does for me. Maybe you've added too many cards recently?

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    I ended up going to Coles and bought 3rd party gift cards with the eftpos card. It worked

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    But no they don’t accept eftpos gift card

    Did you ask them or tell them you wanted to use the eftpos gift card? What if you didnt' say anything and use it like any other regular card?

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