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[Pre Order] 10% off Dual Motor Sit/Stand Desk 120kg (1500x750mm) $441 + Delivery ($0 VIC C&C) @ Lazy Maisons


Needed Sit/Stand desk and seems like a good price for dual motor desk.

Dispatch starts from 25 October.

Electric Standing Desk Features:

6 desktop variations to choose from
120cm or 150 cm wide surface area
Dual motors for height adjustment and superior durability
Easy to install with Slide-In and fasten system
Neatly enclosed motors and quiet operation
Save up to 4 memory heights position
Sturdy adjustments and support
Minimal assembly needed with Electrical drill
Ideal for offices and homes
Includes 5-year warranty

Sit Stand Desk Specifications:

Brand: Lazy Maisons
Frame Color Options: White or Black
Desktop Color Options: White, OZ Oak, or Walnut
Desktop Size Options: 120 x 60cm or 150 x75cm
Max Speed: 36mm/s
Max Load: 120kg
Minimum Height: 71cm
Maximum Height: 115cm
Input Voltage: 100V-240VAC/50-60HZ

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  • Apologies for noob question, how does this product and deal rate vs this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656796

    • None of them have more than a few reviews, I won’t try to save $100-$200 to take big risk on these items personally.

    • This one is dual motor and has a longer warranty I'm pretty sure. The other one has 2 years warranty/no warranty because it's discontinued. This one also has a control panel with memory so you can save height adjustments while the other doesn't. There might be more differences but I think this one would already be the better choice based on these features especially for a similar price.

    • I can vouch for Lazy Maison, I've only owned mine (120kg + 150cm top) for a few months now (since Syd lockdown).

    • The one you are linking has a cross bar underneath, which technically should provide more support so the desktop won't shake as much

    • +2

      Most of the sit stand company on the internet like omidesk, zendesk uses Jiecang linear actuator & controller or a knock off version of JieCang.

      Jiecang is a premium knock off version of Linak. Linak is the global leading company in linear actuator.

      These Jiecang unit is pretty solid with good build quality, the parts they use inside the actuator are mainly plastic, however it will last you very long time in normal everyday circumstances.

      I don't like Conset unit because the motor mechanism is not built into the lifting column, it just doesn't look as good aesthetically.

  • +1

    Purchasing via eBay should be cheaper. Not sure about other states but coming up as free delivery in Victoria. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PRESALE-Motorised-Height-Adjusta...

    • Ebay link is for their 80kg table.

      • Ah right. Good pick up. Option is there for anyone still interested 🙂

        • There's a drop down to choose which size and colour you want. The 150mm are dual monitor, have purchased one previously and for the price can highly recommend. Beats paying double.

  • Shipping to Vic/NSW is $40-60, depending on your postcode.

  • I got 2 of the FORTIA sit and stand white frame a few weeks ago and added with Bunnings spotted gums benches 1.2m and 2m wide and they have been great to use.

    I didnt want a laminated looking desk this time around.

  • +2

    I’ve had one of the dual motors for approximately 6 months. No issues.
    Installation was simple.

  • +1


    This was a better deal.

    Ergonomic Office Desk Black 1600mm
    Free monitor arm
    Max load 150kg

    • Yes, but they’re all sold out and not sure when will be back in stock

  • anyone know what kind of material the desk top is made of?

    • In the previous comments here somebody suggested it's laminated, so might be OSB or plywood under the oak/walnut stickers. Well, the white one wouldn't be solid wood either :)

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