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[Ex Display, VIC] Panasonic TH-55FZ950U 55" 4K UHD Smart OLED TV $1488 Delivered (Limited Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Panasonic TH-55FZ950U 55" 4K UHD Smart OLED TV [Ex-Display*]
Model: TH-55FZ950U

Ultra-bright 4K Ultra High Definition PRO HDR screen
Enhanced 6-colour 4K Hexa Chroma picture processing
HCX image processor

Massive TV Clearance

  • This TV is “Ex-Display*” stock
  • Strictly limited quantities
  • Available in selected areas only, while stocks last

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    Anyone have issues with OLED burn in for ex display?

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      I've seen many reports on reddit/forums, where people buy ex-display OLED TV's and either regret it immediately or within months. Not so much for other display types, but these were very likely running at maximum brightness in stores for almost three years now.

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      Yep, happened to me. I would never buy an ex display Oled again. But screen was replaced under warranty.

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    First I was shocked to even see this, I was wondering when did Panasonic come back to Australia?! But ex-display makes sense.

    This goes without saying, but in case people do not know. Don't buy ex-display OLED models, they very likely already have burn-in or will be developing it soon considering these have been running in demo-mode (store-mode), etc.

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      Come back? When did they leave? I was selling Panasonic 200hz TVs by the pallet load in 2013 for the cricket season

      • Plasma even had up to 960hz but anything more than 120hz and it was only for motion smoothing not frame rate. So it would max out at 120fps. Thats why plasma was king for motion. I think 2018 they left the Aussie market

        • Ah right so recent then. I was selling full hd LCDs at that point. Plasmas were gone by then.

          • @King Steuart: No LCDs had 200hz it was just 100/120hz but advertised like that for upscaling motion. Panasonic had the final year of Plasma in 2013.

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            @Spendmore: They don't. Thats just the old website which doesn't have a retail option. Supposed to link to stores to buy but nobody sells it anymore so its pointless. I think Appliances online do still have some older stock of a couple models (maybe) but even that im not sure of now. Its whatever is left from a few years ago for their LCD range

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              @Monstalova: Thanks for pointing that out I didn't know, my Dad bought one 18 months ago so I assumed they still did. His developed funny lines on the screen, not too obvious unless pointed out.
              He got in touch with Panasonic and they refunded a $1000 back to him!

  • +4

    almost 3 years on display, & only few hundred cheaper than new lol

  • +11

    Come back to Oz, Panny you where the best🙌

    • +1

      Shame nobody realised they were the best OLED until they said they were leaving the Aussie market. I bet so many people wished they got it before. At least Sony has upped their OLED game and now can compete or even be the best a couple years after Panny already did it.

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    Where did JB hi-fi dig up these 3 year old ex-display OLEDs from Panasonic who have left the Australian TV market?

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    i bought an ex-display LG C6 OLED back in 2017. Sure enough burn in started kicking in. Luckily I bought extended warranty and claimed it last year. Process was smooth and they replaced it with a LGCX so i am more than happy. But i guess YMMV, i could be just lucky

  • Love my Panny OLED, but wouldn't buy ex-display… not at this price. Just spend a bit more and get a new LG.

  • +1

    thanks OP. bought. will file warranty claim for burn in when it arrives

  • OLED and Ex-Demo/Ex-Display shouldn't be in the same sentence.

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    I'm glad I bought a Panny OLED TV before they close shop in AUS. Such a nice TV and worth every cent. The software is being updated on a regular basis with the recent addition being Disney+ with HDR and DV support. They can still be bought but at a higher price from across the ditch.

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    I'm not sure what's wrong with buying ex display so long as it comes with a 3 year warranty that includes burn in

  • Thanks Op. this should be the price price point for oleds soon..below $2k but I’d probably pay that extra few hundred to get a brand new one.

  • I got the 65 version of this TV brand new. Three years on and it still look amazing. For laugh and giggle I compared it to my 2020 Samsung Tab S7 Plus, a 12.4 inch Amoled display and it quite hard to tell the difference between them since they are both Oled but the Panasonic was a bit brighter and the HDR is a bit better.

  • I got this TV new for $1722 in Nov 2018. Saw them down around $1690 6 months later. Been a great TV so far, but I wouldn't touch this "deal" if it's been on display this long. If it's been sitting in a box in the warehouse for 3 years, no probs.

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