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USB-C 6-in-1 Hub, 4k 60Hz, 1000Mbps Ethernet, USB3.0 - $40.37 Delivered @ HARIBOL Amazon AU


Tick 5% off coupon for the lower price.

Looks like they've made an updated version of this popular USB-C hub that finally ticks all the boxes that are so hard to find in an affordable hub - the holy grail of 1000 ethernet, 4K60 and USB 3.0. I believe this is a fairly new product, as there have been plenty of deals for identical looking HARIBOL hubs, which are a popular option to get 4K60, but only have 100mbps ethernet and USB 2.0 ports.

Earlier in the year when I was in the market, I purchased this hub which ticked all these same boxes, but it got discontinued shortly after, leaving a big gap in the market. I believe this new hub bridges that gap, so I hope it delivers decent quality. (MOD EDIT: Back in Stock at Amazon)


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  • Just bear in mind, It's quite possibly missing HDCP so no good if you want to watch streaming services through it.

    • Can't speak to this, aside from the fact my Plugable hub (not this product) didn't mention HDCP at all and works fine with streaming services

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        I have one that is identical Haribol brand but USB 2 and 100m. Amazon Prime Video won't play through it.

      • This one with HDCP, and described on the detail page.

    • This one with HDCP, and described on the detail page.

  • Currently unavailable for me??

    • You're not looking at the Plugable one I linked in the second half of the description?

  • Would this work with the new iPad Mini that has USB-C?

    • Haven't tested this one specifically but it should be fine.
      (mine is BlitzWolf® BW-TH10)

    • Yes, it can work

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    it works fine until it stays still, even a gentle movement of your wires or electronics connected to it then it cuts off.

    • Was wondering what was happening for me! Keep this in mind if you’re using laptop in your lap if on a desk not as much of a deal frustratingly it is as OP mentioned one of the few hubs with that trifecta of ports especially 40k60 and less than $100.

      • I use it very stable on my computer desk and it still cuts out and flickers.

  • I just want an ethernet connection for Chromecast with Google home so I get better latency with Steam in home streaming. Any advice on what's the best and most economical way to add that to the Chromecast?

    • Google has a special adapter with a ethernet port for some Chromecast models. Honestly though, it is better to spend on improving your home Wifi network.

  • You really need to watch out for these. Basically USB-C/Alt-mode DP 1.4 based dongles are now available in the market (instead of limited to Apple, Dell previously). Thing is, you need to make sure your device supports that mode, otherwise, assuming it has to operate in DP 1.2 mode, you will only get 4K/30Hz.

    If you have a Macbook Pro 13 inch or lower AND you want 4K/60Hz, then you must make sure that you have the 2020 model. 15 inch, since they have AMD GPU, you need 2018 or later. Android phones (Samsung, LG), you can forget 4K/60Hz with this dongle. While those phones can do 4K/60Hz, these DP 1.4 dongle with half of the data lanes allocated to USB-A 3.0 ports means you are left with half of DP 1.2 bandwidth.

    Then, there is a power delivery side. Sure, it will take in 87W, but there is no such thing as 100% passthrough with these dongles. You will get less from the PD passthrough output.

  • There’s identical model with same specs for around $20 delivered off AliExpress, and from $25 on Amazon I believe.

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      Normally, the $20-$25 range hubs are DP 1.2 based, so 4K/30Hz. Problem is, while this one is probably DP 1.4 chipset based, you do need a newer laptop that supports that. And, there are still 2020 and 2021 devices which are still USB-C/Alt-mode DP 1.2 (i.e. majority of Android devices).

      USB-C is quite complicated. This situation is bad for early USB-C adopters. If you have some devices which support DP 1.2 in alt-mode and some which supports DP 1.4, then you will end up with 2 sets of dongles (if you do want 4K/60Hz).

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