[PS4] Persona 5 Royal Deluxe Edition $46.78 ($35.08 with PS Plus) @ PlayStation Store


Lowest price ever with PlayStation Plus, $11 cheaper than previous low.

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    Anyone know if it's worth dropping $35 on royal vs just playing standard P5 from ps5 PS+ collection?

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      You don't get the whole story with the standard, so if you enjoy it and want to know what else happens you'll have to get Royal and start all over. So more content and story compared to standard.

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      depends on your likings-
      I played both on the hard difficulty level, and found that Royal was much easier (just in terms of how many times I died and general frustration)
      Royal has also been really balanced out- a lot of issues people had with the first game were fixed
      Obviously theres new content and a whole new story arc- you could say its like DLC (comparable in quality to the witcher 3 dlcs)
      Basically imagine you're paying $35 for a much (in my opinion) more polished and complete version of the game
      I'd say it's worth it.

      P.S. Atlus basically does this with every persona game and waits a few years after OG release to finally put out the finished, definitive version.

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        Did they actually adjust the difficulty, or did you just find it easier because it was your second playthrough?

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          You have all of the Persona 5 DLC included with Persona 5 Royale and some of the DLC personas are very strong at the early game, by the time you reach later section you will be strong enough to just keep on coasting anyway.

          They did adjust the difficulty and changed some of the dungeons to be much more straightforward as they were needlessly complex to navigate in the original game.

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          The difficulty's kind of botched In Royal, even if you ignore the overpowered DLC personas that are included in Royal. Some dungeons have been simplified, more flashy mechanics to win battles more easily, easier ways to restore your SP (mana), and where in the past, the hardest difficulty (Merciless) actually lived up to that name, it's now an easier difficulty than Hard.

          Some of the above could also be seen as a positive, not to mention there's also some QoL updates, but don't come into Royal expecting a particularly difficult game.

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      The Royal Deluxe Edition is considered to be the definitive version of the game so I suggest grabbing this over the base game.

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      Even as someone who dropped ~150hrs on the original version, I don't at all regret the cost of repurchase or additional ~200hrs I spent by going through again in Royal.
      It really does add a bunch throughout, rather than just tacking on another chapter.

      Mechanically the gameplay changes are nice (although as contro3ler pointed out it does become a tad too easy by giving you too much power unless you bump the difficulty) but for me the biggest advantage was the much better re-written social links, character arcs, and story editing as a whole.
      There's one particular character who-shall-not-be-named that went from kind of 'meh' originally to a series all-time favourite in Royal.

      It's actually kind of annoying that vanilla is part of the PScollection because so many people will think the same and miss out on the truer, better experience from this.

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      The extra semester is the strongest in the series so yes, not to mention all the QoL upgrades.

      Bought this for $50 and worth every cent.

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      Yes, it is worth it as it adds in a third semester and a new character and a whole lot of other changes and improvements.

      If you play Persona 5 and end up really linking it, you'll probably regret not getting Royal as you'd have to play through the whole game again.

      Here's a list of the changes.

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      100%. played through the regular edition from ps5 collection and since have regretted not buying royal after finishing the first palace

    • You get to make Ryuji the beggar, so yes.

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    $35 to offset at least 100 hours of your time into this game, I say well worth it.

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    Apart from the game’s opening intro. and title song (which I feel are inferior to the original), this is the definitive Persona 5 experience.

  • Been waiting for this for a while. Slightly cheaper if you have a US account too.

    • Can we pay by AU card on US account?

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        Afaik these are still restricted to US cards & US paypal accounts. People outside usually just buy digital US PSN store top-up cards to recharge their playstation wallets.

        (Also games downloaded via the US account will be playable on any AU account on the device as well.)

        • Yeah that's what I'm confusing too. I've used US ps plus for 2 years but never paid for any game in PS store.

  • I have it still sealed not played. Got the phantom edition

    • Cool, buy this and keep your one as a collectors item as it should hold some value in 5-10yrs.

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    I've thoroughly enjoyed this game so far (Royal) but I have to say, even without having finished the main storyline, it is just far far too long. I have started the 5th palace but I haven't had the willpower to finish it.

    While the combat mechanics are decent, the volume of it (especially if you include Mementos) just doesn't support the game length. It boils down to either guessing (looking up) weaknesses of enemies or repeating exploitable ability combos. Eventually, it's just very rote. Harder difficulties just give you less room for guessing error.

    The world-building, characters and visual design of this game are all amazing but it just exhausts itself in my opinion. It feels weird to say but I think I would have enjoyed this game more as Persona 5 Part 1 for the first 3 palaces and a sequel several years down the road, maybe with some more combat depth (I guess that's Persona Strikers?).

  • Far out this game is good.

    Played through the Royal version after playing the original a few years back and it was an even better experience the 2nd time around.

    Yeah the character waffle on at times, but they're still awesome.

  • Just as I bought standard edition p5r about a week ago for $44 or whatever it was… Lol… Oh well

  • Good game

  • Is this playable on PC?

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      Only the PS3 version which is the original non-royal release of the game. Can play it with rpcs3.

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      Nope, Persona 4 is on Steam though

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    any chance it would drop any further?

    whats the difference between Persona 5 Royal Deluxe Edition and Persona 5 Royal Ultimate Edition ?

  • Weird, it says Not For Sale when I go to it on my PSN store…

    Edit: Huh, apparently I had P5R non-deluxe already sitting in my cart from the other day that was blocking this purchase. Good thing I didn't buy it!!

  • PS5 graphics update?

    • No but it is in 4k due to PS4 pro update.