eBay Electrical Items, Sold by as Ausstock with Specifications That Are Impossible

(EDIT- I'm not in need of help to buy anything, so don't offer help for any product, don't clutter the thread up with buy this or that from here or there, have already purchased a second hand blender, the fact that ratings can be so wrong and nobody seems to want this corrected has bothered me for several days)

So I was in need of a new blender as the old one finally died, I look around and while looking at Ebay I find so many with stupid Wattage figures, many claiming 4500 watts, almost double what a General Power Outlet can handle (2400w) 240v x 10amps = 2400watts, 4500 is even higher than what a 15amp outlet can supply. … many claim well above 2400w.

Who governs this?

Ebay seem uncontactable, went to the site map and there seems no real way to make a complaint.


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    Maybe it’s Chinese Watts just like Chinese lumens for downlights and torches where you just discount the listed output by like 60% to get actual output?

    Also be surprised if you get any reply from ebay. I’m sure there’s something in t and c where they’re not responsible for anything and buyers/sellers cannot hold ebay accountable.

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      Agreed Chinese lumens are like 100000 times greater than European lumens.

      Half the products on there state that they are the equivalent of the surface of the sun's light intensity.

      TBH the OP is reading too much into the false advertising that is going on.

      Just wait until you find out about what WISH is getting away with!

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    why don't you just buy one from Kmart or even a Philips food processor with deals?

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      Your answer is irrelevant, I don't need help buying anything, I did not ask for help to buy a blender!

      I want to know why the disparity and who governs things such as this?

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        that seller is based in China,


        if it is really 4500 W, the plug could be 20 or 25 A


      • who governs things such as this

        No one. Read the power rating label to find current draw if you want to find actual watts used.

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        You'd have to check with the governing body that mainly deals with this.
        It's the blender police.
        They've been cracking down on over powered blenders for years!

  • eBay China let their sellers get away with anything.
    There is no point complaining to eBay Australia as they are separate operating division and have no say/input/control over what is listed by Chinese sellers.
    This is why you will see so many obviously counterfeit items listed by Chinese sellers and any efforts to report such listings is a waste of time.

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    Where have you been for the last 40 years. They've been claiming a stereo can output 4500 watts. This isn't likely to stop any time soon. My favourite is the 10000mAh 18650 batteries. I tested one at 600mAh

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    Blender must be 3-phase.

  • Electric motors are a bit complex, I assume they've rated it on the stall speed of the motor and the peak instantous AC power.

    Stall speed is the power used when the motor isn't moving, which is a fair bit more than it normally uses.

    AC changes the delivered power in a sine wave, so basically ~0.7x the rated power is the real power.

    Also you can put a motor rated for a higher voltage in, and not give it enough voltage to run, it'll work (mostly) fine.

    And finally, they just lie.

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