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Logitech G512 Mechnical Keyboard Various Switches $95.20 & More + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas with $100 Order/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


also other various stuff by logitech on sale, i might finally dip into logitech peripherals
lower than the 99 dollar big w deal


g502 wireless $175.20

g502 wired $71.20

Note: removed G Pro X SUPERLIGHT mouse duplicate.

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    Is that it? I feel less satisfied than my wife

  • Got the g512 at $99 and it's great.
    Brown switch. Nice and tactile, not too noisy (still way noisier than a membrane though!).
    Solid base so it won't move around on you either.
    Good buy!

  • Fantastic keyboard. I love this thing more than my $300-400 Corsair keyboards, and at THIS price point its so satisfying to use even though I have a $400 custom board with lubed halo clears. GX Browns are far, far, far more superior to the scratchy Cherry browns - they're incomparable.

    Solid keyboard with little flex and just feels all-round premium. Only thing its missing is media keys and PBT options for keycaps, or I would replace my K95 Platinum XT with this in a heartbeat.

    • Yeah that's one of the only concerns for this board is that I've heard these keycaps shine pretty quickly

      • Yes, the standard keycaps are complete dogshit. Being used about two days a week, it only took about 6-7 weeks before they started becoming slick and shiny. Probably the biggest problem with the keyboard.

        The keyboard housing is amazing, switches super satisfying, but they keycap durability is a major letdown.

  • Amazon price matched

    • Its been this price on amazon for at least 6 months.

      It once went to like 60% off, somewhere around $135 and I didnt buy it then.

      I've been monitoring since and it hasn't gone as low again. I'm waiting for this deal to pop up again before buying, (If I'm lucky).

      • I don't know what you are talking about. According to 3camels 95.2 it all time low and is the current price from last night.

  • I’ve got a Logitech Pro X keyboard with blue switches and I’ve been wanting to replace it for Browns since I got it. It’s almost tempting to buy this, swap out the switches and then sell the G512 onto someone for a discounted price (of course letting them know of the switch switch). The switch kits are like $80!

    • Pretty sure the g512 switches are soldered on.

  • May be able to claim this after installation of Norton 360 https://claim.norton.com/anz/logitech/

    • With some giftcard and this $30 giftcard back. It could be below $50, I'd try this.

  • I am typing this on a G512.

    Keyboard has an excellent feel.. but the keyboard lighting gimmick is a real PITA.

    The default nonlighted symbols on many keys are the wrong way around .. you need to have the keyboard lighting working to be able to identify many keys.. usually the seldom used character keys .

    In my case I use the keyboard across multiple devices via a KVM and the lighting just does not work when switching between devices . When I got the keyboard I hoped to be able to configure it with different colours depending on the device I was switched to ..

    I would not buy one again due to the keyboard lighting and get a mechanical keyboard without the lighting gimmick .. I do prefer the feel of mechanical keyboards…

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