Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse $178.56 (Black/White) + Delivery ($0 to Select Area/ in-Store/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like a good price for one of the most well regarded wireless gaming mice.

White: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/logitech-pro-x-superlight...


Can be had for $128.56 using the $50 off with Latitude Pay promo from 14/10/2021 to 16/10/2021.

Promo reduced to $10.

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    Bonus Bloatware Offer

    Buy a Logitech G range product and get a 90-day trial subscription of Norton 360 for Gamers. Offer valid until 31.01.2022. For redemption and full T&C’s, please click HERE

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      They're missing key info out of that, you also get a $30 Gift Card via Redemption if you download the software.

      • that‘s the point.

      • So with this and Latitude pay, I am guessing this is the lowest price we've seen posted on Ozbargain?

      • So buy the mouse first, and then get a $30 gift card?

        • You need to activate and install the Norton subscription also and give them the serial key. Then you raise a claim with both the app serial key and your JB invoice and they will send you a $30 gift card once verified.

          • @doweyy: Imagine an antivirus software so invasive that they literally have to pay you to install the free copy they gave you

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    $128.56 tomorrow with Latitude Pay.

  • so wait for tomorrow?

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      Only if you want $10 off. The price is not -$50 for JBHIFI purchases

      • thanks, will pass this…

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          168.4 after 10$ off is still a bargain for this mouse

          • @whitehorse: I think it's still a good deal, too. I would recommend a G305 for people who want a cheaper "alternative".

  • Does this also suffer from the double click issue?

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      I think it's a case of literally every Logitech mouse does eventually.
      RMA can be annoying too.
      There are diy fixes but they aren't worth it when you're paying this kind of premium.

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        "aren't worth it" is a subjective matter - if it only costs me $10 for new skates and switches and half an hour of my time to swap it all over, why wouldn't I?

        • personally, I wouldn't know how to replace switches, so that could factor into it for some people - I'm sure I could learn, but then it's more than half an hour of my time AND I run the risk of (profanity) up the expensive mouse

        • I wish I could be confident with doing a soldering job on a mouse.
          Killed one mouse I had because I messed up soldering. I would blame that on my skills more than anything.

          It is worth it though. When you repair the mouse, you can replace the switches to something that suits your taste better as well.

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        its fixed on gpx tho

        • Don't think so - it uses the same Omron switches as most of the other Logitech mice.

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            @Alzori: says who?, they use 20M omrons not 50m anymore.
            thats the problem solved

            • @abjsdhasehasee: My understanding is the 20M are a bit more durable but can still have the issue? I've never experienced the double clicking with any of my Logi mice though so idk

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      If you’re interested in soldering new switches and making the side buttons snappier, this YouTube guide makes it really simple to follow through: https://youtu.be/q9YVjKaGrKg

      I did it with my white GPX and it was worth every cent and time.

      • I assume you have to get new skates?

        • I don't think it's guaranteed you ruin them - if you soften up the glue with a heat gun then they might come off pretty clean. definitely safer to order replacements though, I just bought two sets for like $6 on aliexpress so I'll wait till they arrive before I start messing with it.

        • Yep new skates too, the tiger ice ones on AliExpress for $6. I wouldn’t recommend using a heat gun at all because although it’s built solid (doesn’t even sound hollow), I wouldn’t wanna risk deforming the sensor or plastic itself. The new skates are definitely worth it, especially for a diy you’ll probably ever do once because I don’t see myself getting new switches (Kailh 8.0).

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    • I haven't had any issues with mine.

  • Does it worth replacing my G pro?

    • My question also

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        Yes night and day weight difference

        • I find the hump of the G Pro to be too tall makes a funny angle on my wrist. Whats it like on this one?

          • @GoodQuestion: exact same shape, unless your talking about g pro wired which i doubt cause that hump cannot be to tall.

    • yes and try to sell g pro

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      Less mass means less inertia means faster and more precise movements are possible. More weight is your preference and that's cool, but less weight is the goal for others.

  • They've also got the G915 Keyboard on sale for $255. Might get that instead using the $50 latitude promo. Just need to decide on tactile or linear?

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      I've been using the tactile version for about 6 months now.

      The travel distance is quick (due to low profile) and actuation force is nice (not too heavy or too light).

      I'd get tactile if you're planning on a mix of typing/work and gaming.

      If you're purely FPS gaming then red.

      My previous keyboards were full-sized cherry brown and red switches. It took me a whole week to get used to low profile keys, but now I won't go back to full sized.

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        Thanks for that. It's been about 8 years since I've had a gaming PC, (been console ever since) so I'm all new to these mechanical keyboards.

        I prefer the feel of the slimline style as I've been using a macbook pro for the past 8 years. It will mostly be for gaming with some typing here and there.

        I just wish there was somewhere that had these on display, went to about 5 different places yesterday with only Harvey Norman having a little logitech display.

  • I like light but going really light has its trade offs
    - I have this and a G903 Hero and I really like the battery life of the G903 even tho it’s a lot heavier (although the sensor and stuff are the same).

    • have had mine for the past 6 months and battery life is great

  • G703 was $54 yesterday at bung-lee (+$6 delivery)

    Woukd really recommend it as a better overall mouse unless you need a a few more buttons.
    From rtings
    The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor and the Logitech G Pro Wireless are very similar performance-wise since they have the same sensor. The difference between the two is that the G703 is designed for right-handed use, while the G Pro Wireless is ambidextrous. The G Pro Wireless is lighter, has more programmable inputs, and its PTFE feet provide a smoother glide. The G703 has a marginally lower input lag and is more comfortable to use.

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      The thing that I didn't like about the G703, is the soft-touch plastic on the sides of the mouse. It wears away over time - after about a year's use.

      • Mine is still in tact after 3 years… at least I think.

    • maybe you should check how many were actually got that deal. and how many were cancelled.

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      your comparing the wrong mouse, g703 is not comparable and no where near as good as gpx, rting has flawed latency test

      • inc double click issue on g703
    • Not even comparing the same mouse, the superlight x is 20g lighter than the standard G Pro

  • $170 plus delivery from TGG I think

    with the HOUSE10 code

    • Can you give a link? I can't find this mouse on their site.

  • i just bought it for 200$ damnnnn

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    Only Giving $10 off with latitude?

    • same

      • same :(

      • "now this is the real deal"

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          lol yep, such a let down. The fomo deal has 333 votes and included JB

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      Should've gone to specsavers

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    Just tried to use the LatitudePay discount with this offer and upon checkout, it applies a "Discount Added!
    $10 off at JB Hi-Fi with LatitudePay. Single Use only" - anyone else get this issue?

    Looking at the LatitudePay website, apparently the $50 discount is only for Harvey Norman and The Good Guys

    • -3

      I believe it is AEST at 12am that it might go for $50 discount. Currently 11:16PM AEST so another 44 minutes for the deal to go live. Just a thought

      • The deal went live based on Latitude Pay's website as of 12am AEDT

        • well thats fricken depressing

      • +1

        Hmm possibly. Can't confirm for now as I live in Victoria and we got daylight savings, so it's 12:18 am for us right now

        Trying to access the LatitudePay website yields a cheeky 504 Gateway Time-Out so that's great haha

      • unlikely, deal is working on TGG

  • Well this sucks, went with my back up and bought the Switch OLED from TGG

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    Can you please edit the post so it shows the correct price after the latitude pay promo is applied?

    $10 off when spending >= $50 @ JBHIFI and
    $50 off when spending >= $150 @ TGG, HN.

    • Neither TGG or HN has Superlight Pro X. Only Pro G available

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    Thanks op! Gonna pick this up. Not gonna bother with signing up to latitude pay

    • update: got it and my god is it amazing!

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    to be fair it's still good deal without Latitude, given that you can claim a $30 JB gift card via Norton redemption.

    • I bought this last night as they were closing,
      Was there supposed to be additional paperwork for the Norton campaign? As I got nothing extra.

      • I haven't received my one yet sorry, so I don't have know.

        Best to call jbhifi up and ask.

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    Glourious model o is such a better mouse then any logi ones and cheaper too

    • Not when I had it, only had it for a couple days at the sensor was playing up. Had to get it RMA'd. Didnt really like the honeycomb design either. Really put me off a glorious after that.

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      ah yes the 10g heavier, honeycomb, wired mouse with bad m1m2, bad sidebuttons, terrible quality control and build quality.

      definitely comparable

      • Ive had both, went through 2 double clicking g pros, no issues with Gmo so far

        • is this a g pro wireless?

            • @botchie: no this is a 'g pro x superlight' not a g pro wireless

              • @abjsdhasehasee: i know but it still uses Omron D2FC-F-7N (G1), which are the same switches used in later batches of the GPW (including the Shroud edition). They can still double-click and before the HERO 25K firmware update there were complaints from owners of new batch GPWs, but post-update the release delay was increased to ~40ms which killed double-clicking.
                for reference my delay with GMO is under 10 ms

                I mean, after shelling out so much for g pro, i wouldn't throw my money at them again and expect better results….plus its even smaller then gpro which was on a small side already for me….I cant imagine what small hands are needed for this one….

                • @botchie: so what your saying is the issue is fixed and think that its smaller when its not. this mouse is literally fine for any handsize other than small hands fingertipping