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Coleman Northstar 10-Person Instant up Lighted Tent with Darkroom Technology $649 (RRP $1299) @ Macpac


Hi all. I've been researching family tents for a while and this is the best price I have seen so far for this tent. This is the latest iteration with the integrated lighting strips.

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  • I have the version without lighting strips, awesome tent. Heading out in it next month.

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      Yeah I have the older version too - be aware that this is not really 'instant up'. Even with several people helping, it'll still take half an hour. Oh and you probably need 2 people to lift it in and out of the car.

      Once it's up though, this is a hell of a tent - you can comfortably fit 10 people and stuff and you can stand fully upright.

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        After a lot of video watching. We bought this tent cause when we go camping my wife looks after our kids (both under 3 at the time we bought this) while I unload the car and set up the camp-site myself. That's the tent and sunshade.
        Tent is about 30kgs so can be a one person lift (remember to bend your knees) and I can put it up and take it down myself in about 20mins. Having a second pair of hands does speed this up.

        It is possible, all I'm sayin'

        • What do you think of it in terms of a tent for 2 adults, 2 kids? I have two kids under three and was looking at 8 person tent, max. I didn't really have any science behind that decision - just figures 10p would be way too big!

          • @pais: 8 person should be fine. Depends on how much extra space you want for other stuff or just to have free. I have 3 kids 11, 9 and 5. We have 2 friends who both have 2 kids and have this one. Nice to be able to stand upright.

            • @belbo: Thanks for the feedback on it and, yes - can't underestimate how nice it is to stand up!

          • @pais: When we first bought it. We had upgraded from a blackwolf 6p with one main room and sort of a front porch to this one. Was really good to have 3 rooms and dark tent. Our youngest was still having day naps so being pitch black made it much easier for him.
            We put the two kids in one room. Portacot and a single mattress with room for a 3rd.
            We were in opposite room and the middle acted as a common area for getting changed and the night time potty. We have a Colemans sunshade so didn't need to sit in the tent when it rained but if we had to it would be a comfortable spot.
            Overall a really good tent for a family of 4 and our now family of 5. As long as the tent holds out, will still be good for when the kids gets bigger and we give the boy one room and girls the other room. Each with their won door so no one has to disturb the other getting in and out

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    This would be an MONSTER upgrade for the XPS 15 9510/17 9710, versus dropping $1k for a 64GB RAM config.

  • need RGB tent

  • Great tent and great price

  • Thanks op. Stock is very low.

  • Awesome. Ordered one. Thanks! Been pondering one of these for a while. Pickup only. Nearest store to Sydney with stock is Erina Fair - 90 minutes away - will make a day trip to pick up with the family one weekend. Looks like you'll need to move quickly if you want one of these.

  • PS. Didn't notice 3% cashback = $19.50. Says it is not valid on clearance - but worth a try I suppose.

  • Have a similar one (https://www.snowys.com.au/instant-up-gold-10p-tent). Overall happy with the purchase.

    • How is this compare with the one OP listed?

  • Great price. Have one of the original instant up tents in the 8 person size. It’s slowly been deteriorating though so been wanting to replace it. Really not sure I need this big though.. definitely looks like a 2 person job.

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    I also have this tent and have been pretty happy with it. Just be aware that you can't have the awnings up if it rains. The water will backflow through the zips in the windows.

    • Wait what?

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        Sorry, I might not have explained that too well. If you look at the photos of the tent, you'll see that you can raise one length of the fly and have it set up as an awning to sit under. Its the same part of the fly that has openings for 'windows'. If you leave these set up as an awning when it rains, the rain will build up on top of the awning and start flowing down through the zips and mesh of the windows.

        So if it rains, you just drop them down essentially and peg them out.

        Check out the review by Rebecca P on the Macpac website. She covers it.

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    I have this tent too. Awesome price. Got mine for $679 during afterpay 15% off deal earlier this year.
    Anaconda had this on sale for $649 not long ago too. Usually the price is $799.

    For video on how easy it is to set up and take down…

    It really is easier than many other tents I've owned.

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    Managed to get it from anaconda with their 10% price beat for $585 as a macpac near me had stock! Thanks OP! awesome deal!

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    Wow! Thanks for the heads up on that. Apparently you have to go into Anaconda to do the price beay. Will head over to the closest one with stock and cancel my Macpac order if they price beat for me.

    • I called my local anaconda to check they had it in stock, asked what their price was and then said will you price beat macpac who have it in stock locally for $649? She checked she had 1, said it was $739 and then checked macpac site and said no worries. She printed out the price beat page that they need to do for it and worked out the price and put it aside for me. Suggest doing the same to avoid wasting any of your own time. Hope you’re able to as well!

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        Wow awesome! Nice work!

        • Cheers! Damn good deal.

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        Cool. Thanks. Agreed - but person I spoke to at Chatswood insisted I had to come in. Will try calling again and see if I get someone else on the line and tell them about your arrangement. Which Anaconda did you get from?

        • Chermside in brisbane. Last one they had in stock.

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            @dwhes: Thanks. Well done. Chatswood has 12 apparently. Ones closer to me out of stock.

            • @belbo: Good luck mate. Hope they honour it for you too.

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                @dwhes: Done! $584.10. Put aside for me with confirmation of price. Big thanks for that one.

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          Just picked one up from Tingalpa in Brisbane. They had plenty of stock and did it $585.

          • @benshunt: Nice one. Glad others could get it even cheaper too.

  • I got the 6 person one, no one mentioned how wide the bag is. It's 135cm. And juuuuust will fit in the car. Debated the 10p but the idea of lugging around 30kg was too much for me.

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