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[Latitude Pay, Kogan First] Midea Mini Dishwasher $359 Delivered @ Kogan


Compact outside and spacious inside, the Midea Mini Dishwasher is the perfect solution for small apartment living, tiny houses, caravan and camping.
4.9L water consumption
3-place setting
6 wash programs
Steam function
Rapid 29min wash
Fan drying system, insulated water tank

Kogan First Day Sale takes $10 off the normal $389 price and gives free delivery. Pay with LatitudePay to get another $25 off, taking the price down to $359. Cheapest price I can find for it at the moment. Requires Kogan First membership, but if there is a fee 14 day trial with new accounts.

Not sure how good the dishwasher is, but it's the only one I've found that uses a water tank instead of requiring having a pipe attached to the tap. Very useful for people with tiny kitchens or who are renting and can't install a full size dishwasher.

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    These are pretty cool and cute. A bunch of them on Ali. Popular in Asia

  • Im still using the Dish Jockey from Volley Warehouse. So i'm djing while i do the dishes.
    I cant stop

  • Are those good? the new place doesn't have a dishwasher!!

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      I can't speak to this exact one, but did buy this one 6 or so years ago living in a rental:
      And it was really good for its size. Not really big enough for large items - and we had to buy smaller plates, but it was good for two people if used every night. Saved our relationship.

      • i just saw this one, it looks a bit big. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-benchtop-dishwasher-8-pla...

        I do have big plates :(
        But I am over doing the dishes!

        • Yeah - would depend on your bench depth and free space - keep in mind you'll need to run a drain pipe to a sink, and a water pipe to the dishwasher. These can both be connected to your kitchen sink with pipes along the bench top. Consider the tap type too.

          Oh - that one you linked doesn't seem to be a portable one? Its more just a really small one that needs to be connected like a traditional dishwasher.
          https://help.kogan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013032013 see connection section.

          The portable ones have connections for sinks and taps - not the under sink plumbing stuff.

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    Have one of this, an older version with plain opening. Love it for single household as I can run it pretty frequently unlike the big machine in the house. You wouldn't be able to fit much into this as well. The manual fill water resevoir is excellent, when I turn on the tap to wait for hot water I collect those and fill up the machine to lessen water wastage. The only downside is it doesn't have rinse aid compartment so probably have to find a powder that has combined rinse aid.

  • Fits 30cm plates?

    • No I think I measured it and it was 25cm. I have the plain white Corelle set. The dinner plates do fit but only in some positions.

      • I see. Hm… Damn

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          I don’t think my big plates will fit but realised that I actually use them less often than my smaller ones and I guess I can just keep washing them by hand when I do use them

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            @DoaAn: The amount of help this dishwasher is to me by washing all of the fiddly cutlery, which is more annoying to clean than a single large plate imo, is a LOT. I haven't washed a bowl or a fork in god knows how long.

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              @Vy: I'm so lazy when it comes to washing dishes. I just keep letting everything build up until I have to convince myself to do it by promising to only have to wash half of them. Of course then I usually end up doing it all anyway.
              Can't wait for this to arrive so I can start just putting all the smaller things straight into it, and only have to worry about washing the larger stuff.

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    I have one of these and i absolutely love it. As a person that doesn't like doing the washing up, this has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.

    Surprisingly i can get a lot in. 3 big plates, 3 mugs/glasses, a few bowls (i have ones with big lips so they do fit better) and small plates, a ridiculous amount of cutlery. I had to by new dinner plates that would fit (i got some of the cheapest ones from kmart) but otherwise i used existing items.

    Occasionally I'll just run a second load for pots, mixing bowls and larger items if needed. I often overload it and it still seems to manage a good wash - i use the longest cycle with extra drying. I have been using the cheap coles or aldi dishwasher tablets and it seems to be ok.

    It would definitely be good for a caravan or something, however i rent and it sits nicely on the bench.

    It's been perfect for what I needed but everyone's needs are different. The ultimate feature is that it doesn't need to be plumbed in like other bench top dishwashers.

  • Is there a way to get 26cm dinner plates in?

  • I bought one of these from Star Sparky earlier in the year when it was cheap (but not as cheap as this was) and I find it to be very handy, I just wish it was a little larger. I tend to leave things for ages and then have a huge pile… Just now I managed to fit 2 large bowls, 2 smaller bowls a bunch of cutlery (I hate the cutlery holder thingy so I put it in the top flip down rack, but not too much at once) 2 coffee mugs, 2 glasses and a couple of ceramic cat bowls. I had issues with it leaving soap powder on things at first, but I have gone with the 3 hour wash and now that is not an issue. What is, though, is that it does not dry things properly no matter which cycle you use. you get little pools of water in the bases of cups and glasses (if they happen to be concave) and the cutlery is usually drippy too. I just use a teatowel to catch the drips… all good, and I can potter about and do other things while its doing its thing.

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