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TOPPING E30 DAC (Silver Color) US$129.99 (~A$180) Delivered @ Banggood


Cheapest price around at the moment for a solid DAC.

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  • nice price - if you're going to pair with the L30 just make sure to get it from somewhere else, since bizarrely BG have it for ~$312 AUD (standard price is 149 USD).

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    Great price OP!
    I did try both the E30 and SMSL Sanskrit 10th Mk 2, ended up keeping the SMSL, since I liked the sound better. A bit cheaper too ($155 from Amazon, fast shipping with prime). But both Topping and SMSL are just too hard to beat at that price point.

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    topping eh

  • I'm getting AUD$298.12

  • Guys, I have been looking for a DAC to stream Spotify from my mobile phone thru my 2 channels (RCA) Strereo Amplifier
    Does this one work? how to connect 3.5mm headphone jack into this? thanks

    • You can your 2 channel stereo amplifier, then plug your headphones into the amplifier if it has the plug. Otherwise you’ll need separate headphones amplifier since this topping is a standalone DAC with RCA out

    • This won't be useful for what you want to do. This takes a digital (coax, optical or usb) signal and then outputs it to an analog one (rca). These units generally don't support usb input from phones.

      You have a few options.

      1) Use a 3.5mm to RCA lead and you use the inbuilt dac on your phone. No upgrade in sound quality but that may be irrelevant given you only listen to Spotify.

      2) Use a Bluetooth receiver/dac like the Ear Studio M100 Mark 2 and connect that with RCA cable. Step up in sound quality if your phone supports aptX, aptXHD.

      3) For a significant upgrade get an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red.

      • Thanks @piupiupiu

        I tried option 1. Sounds not that great, I think it is due to DAC from my phone is just very basic one like most of the phone..
        I heard about Dragronfly, It is beyond my budget. I might go with option 2.
        Thanks all.