Discounted Pricing for iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro at Apple Edu & Apple Employee Discount

Hi all,

Wife and I are keen to buy both the iPhone 13 & 13 Pro but we are holding out for the discounted pricing on the Apple Edu or Apple EPP Discount, which doesn't seem to be available yet. I checked online at the EPP store and it seems to still be showing the full price.

Just wanted to ask if anyone is aware of how long is it typically before the discounted pricing is applied to newly released product?

Thanks a bunch.

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    I don't think Apple Education ever has discount pricing for iPhones. Not sure about EPP.

    • From what I've seen laptops yes, phones no.

    • Yes, they do not offer discounted iPhones.

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    I spoke to online chat a few days a go. New products like this don't get discounted straight away, they have yet to discount corporate accounts as well.

    Further to that, iPhones as far as I'm aware have never been on the EDU store. Feel free to correct me there, but support also said this.

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    Will be waiting a while, but then again they've never been on the education store.

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    iPhones are obviously sold on the Apple Education Store, but it is never discounted on the Apple Education Store.

    From memory, you will need to wait until January or February 2022 before Apple will start discounting iPhone 13 models on EPP portals. They will also reward cashback on iPhone 13 models bought through the regular Apple Online Store around the same time.

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      Ah wonderful. I've taken advantage of pre-purchasing the Apple Gift Cards through the Coles 30x Flybuys points currently running. The EPP discount + the 15% will be a welcome savings :)

      Thanks Ozbargain Community

      • wow, harsh people. at least tell me what you disagreed with instead of begging away, please?

        • Two theories:

          • They’re jealous that you got your hands on those Apple gift cards, because they’re not exactly easy to find in a lot of places.

          • You called the bonus Flybuys points “savings”. If you dare mention the world “savings” when referring to bonus rewards points promotions, you may end up being sucked into the never-ending debate on OzBargain…

          I didn’t neg you, btw. I don’t like negging commenters, even if I thoroughly disagree with them!

  • I would not expect much discount on EPP either- maybe $50 to $80?

    • It’s usually a 2% discount

  • EPP is the same as staff pricing
    Apple staff can not buy new iPhones for minimum 3 months from release, sometimes this can be as long as 6 months
    Once staff get their discounted price EPP pricing happens.

    Iphones are never available via Education pricing.

    • Weird, surely they’d want their staff using the latest device?

      • They don’t want staff buying them from consumers who are usually experiencing long waits for their stock.

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