[PS4] The Division 2 - Warlords of New York Ultimate Edition $37.48 (Was $124.95) @ PlayStation Store


Certainly a game I have spent a bit too much time on… not bad at 70% off.

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  • -1

    I bought this back in 2019 in disc form for about 25 bucks but it was the gold edition.

    it doesn't have mouse and keyboard support his game I dont' even think it runs at 60fps.

  • bought and installed on PC from the last round of sales.
    couldnt even run 30 min without crashing (with a 3080)

    • Which is partially why i don't game on PC. Seems that every 6 months you need another $$$ on new hardware.

    • +1

      It runs perfectly fine on my RTX 2060 in 1440P. Just needs to rollback the NVIDIA driver to a stable one (check reddit for that).

    • My issue on the PC was the the CPU as it went above 90 degrees.