[QLD] 8.3kW HT-SAAE (415W*20 Panels) + Growatt 8kW Inverter Fully Installed $4989 (BRIS) @ Reliance Solar


Deal Inclusion:

Supply and install 20 Panels (20 Panles* 415W) 8.3KW New HT-SAAE HT66-166M-XXX and Growatt 8KW single phase inverter. with Smart Meter. Up-gradable upto 10.3KW system.

Finance option available.Zero upfront cost or deposit required. To learn more about this offer please give a call to Sud on 0466099337 or email [email protected] or leave a private message here. Can customise deal to three phase meter type ( up to 19.98kW), get in touch for pricings.

About HT-SAAE:

HT-SAAE is owned and operated by China Aerospace Science Technology Corporation (CASC), a government owned enterprise established in 1956.
2013 Rated No.4 EPC worldwide by IHS.
2014 Awarded Top 10 Chinese PV Modules Supplier.
2015 GW level manufacturing capacity.
2015 Awarded “Tier 1 Module Maker” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
2015-2016 Awarded Top 10 PV Power Plant EPC General Contractor in China.
2017 Established 600MW PV production capacity in Istanbul, Turkey to supply the European market.
2019 HT-SAAE meets stringent Munich Re Warranty Partner cretieria.
2021 – Top performer in the “2020 & 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard” report by PVEL and DNV GL

About Reliance Solar :

RELIANCE SOLAR is an Australian-owned and operated company that specialises in the design, supply and installation of custom-designed residential, commercial and industrial solar photo voltaic systems since 2013. At RELIANCE SOLAR we use experienced solar photo-voltaic system designers and installers for all our residential & commercial projects. Till date, RELIANCE SOLAR has served many residential & commercial customers.

MOST IMPORTANTLY-All our Installers and Electricians are CECA (Clean Energy Council Accredited). We always ensure that every individual gets an exceptional professional service.

Custom designed to suit your needs
✅ Latest technology guaranteed
✅ 4.9 Star google reviews from 90+ people
✅ 10 years in operation
✅ Qualified QCE Accredited Installer
✅ Renowned after-sale service
✅ Australia owned and operated
✅ We do all the applications & paperwork for Rebates & Connections


• Installation of system by CEC accredited electrician
• Solar system will be connected to the Grid
• Workmanship warranty
• Government rebates
• Testing and Commissioning
• Warranties as mentioned below
• Meter application will be done by us to allow energy provider to change your meter

Panels output warranty: 25 years.
Panels product warranty: 15 years
Inverter Warranty: 10 years
Workmanship/Installation Warranty: 10 years


All of the above rates are subject to government rebate. Any changes in government rebate will affect the price. Price will be only locked once you have signed the contract or until the promised period

*Offer ONLY for suburbs which are "150KM radius of Brisbane CBD"

*Offer valid ONLY for single/double storey house (tin/tile) with single phase meter and standard pitch.
*Offer does not include for properties needing switchboard upgrade.

*Offer not valid for Terracotta roof profile. ( Cost will be discussed after site inspection)

*Offer Valid whilst stocks lasts

Finance option available.Zero upfront cost or deposit required. To learn more about this offer please give a call to Sud on 0466099337 or email [email protected] or leave a private message here. Can customise deal to three phase meter type ( up to 19.98kW), get in touch for pricings.

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  • sounds like a questionable solar brand

    Also Growatt may be ok but id say stick to a fronius for 10 year warranty

    • +2

      As opposed to the 10 year warranty on the growatt?

      • as opposed to better customer service and lower failure rates?

    • Have a Growatt and their warranty is as good as Fronius at 10 years
      Great little unit, no longer the unreliable inverters of old

      • +2

        Both have 5+5 years warranty . 10 years for parts and first 5 years for labour .

      • There is not really an advantage selling point for the Fronius nowadays when other inverters are offering 10yr warranty. That extra money is better spent for a second 6.6kW system.

        • -1

          Aren't the fronius super noisy as well? My goodwe can't hear anything.

    • I get more issues from Fronius than Growatt. I don't see value in spending more

      • +1

        that's the problem with those who came on reading a few articles on Google without properly knowing what they are reading. I'd rather spend that extra few thousands for a 2nd 6.6kW system.

  • Hanging out for a DECENT NSW battery deal if anyone can help?

    • Have you got calcs for the round trip cost of solar/battery storage? I read somewhere approx 10c/kWh but curious what real world experience is

  • I would suggest looking for a reputable local electrician who has CEC accreditation.


    • MOST IMPORTANTLY-All our Installers and Electricians are CECA (Clean Energy Council Accredited). We always ensure that every individual gets an exceptional professional service.

      • Why would you pay a middle man? All these people do is sell systems, they don't sign the design or do the installation.

    • +1

      Solarquotes doesn't really mean anything, maybe you should look further into how solarquotes works.

      • I am referring to their pricing guidelines :)

        And, supporting local CEC accredited electricians :)

      • +1

        We don't like to pay Solarquotes, hence they haven't mentioned about us in their website!!

    • Surely that’s just another paid referral site?

      • Ask the guy who runs the website how much money he makes

  • Solar panel is in shortage now and the price has been doubled. So for those who is still hesitant, you snooze you lose.

    • I totally agree. Huge stock issues. I have given the best deal without compromising on quality of installation. Price is going up like crazy as a result of stock issues. All the suppliers are increasing the prices for panels, racking kits etc.

      • It's been happening for a while and it is getting worse now with the China electricity shortage issue recently. Many suppliers have no stocks for any panels now.

  • Got 5 quotes for a 6.6kW system in VIC and all 5 quotes were over $6000 after STC rebates (not incl vic state rebate) and here we have a 8kW system going for under $5k. Is there a reason new Solar systems are more expensive in VIC compared to other states?

    • +1
      1. You may got a rip-off
      2. VIC has more rules and installer charge higher price than other states.
      3. Solar panel, racks all increase price now.

      What panel do you get? I can check for you if you want. BTW, your PM is not off.

      • More rules for good reason. To many shit retailers in the solar game, and when the installer is getting paid peanuts to do an install he doesn't give a (profanity) about the quality of the workmanship.

        Solar is an investment, most systems are fully paid off in 2-4 years. Skimping on an extra $1000 on a quality install that should last 25 years is just braindead.

        • They all charged high rate and they are not stupid to charge below market rate so your reasoning is full of crap. Dodgy installer is the same as dodgy tradies, it is not the money matter. That extra 1k you paid is not gonna go into the installer pocket as your imagination.

          Origin energy charge more than double the cost of other company and they just get an installer to do it. Anyway your kind of mindset will just get you pay extra money for your perceived peace of mind.

          • @samehada: We'll have to agree to disagree, I'm not talking about paying solar retailers. I'm talking about engaging licenced electrical contractors with their CEC design and install accreditation. I'd be making sure pre contract that guy going the quote/design is the same guy doing the install.

            If 5 quotes were over $6k and one was $5k I'd be pretty suspect of the cheaper offer. Each to their own, it's not for me to tell you how to suck eggs.

            • @Yawhae: "I'd be making sure pre contract that guy going the quote/design is the same guy doing the install."

              This just show that you know nothing about what you are even talking about. So expecting a one man company doing all the work. Seriously maybe you really need to get some sense in what you imagine from all the post that you've read on the internet.

              • @samehada: I have no idea what you're rambling about. Are you saying a small 2 or 3 person business couldn't install solar?

                You haven't really given anything to support your argument or counter mine. I have, and I will continue to engage smaller business's over middle men retailers.

                I don't understand why my opinion and choice of who I engage bothers you so much.

                • @Yawhae: ever heard about something called "economy of scale"? What do you think ordering a container of panel will cost compared to 50panels.

                  You expect the same person do all the layout, drawing, answer questions and installation. Not sure if you realised that you live in the real world not your imagined dream world and noone is working 24/7.

                  • @samehada: Ahh that's what wholesalers are for and while you will generally pay more for smaller quantities it's not that much. This cost is also mostly set off by operating a smaller business with lower overheads, this meaning your mark-ups can be lower. How the hell do you think small businesses can even exist in your dillusion world.

                    Do you think 2 employee businesss don't exist?

                    • @Yawhae: I’m not gonna reply to you anymore since you’ve got no clue what you are talking about.

                      • @samehada: Yeah yeah, I have definitely never hired a one man business in the past becuase they don't exist according to samehada.

        • You have no idea what you talking about. I totally agree with comments by @samehada.

          Installers pretty much have standard price. In fact, I love my installers some times I pay more than market price!!

          It's the retailers mark up. I don't have to pay sales commission to any and hence can offer a good price. It doesn't mean companies charging a hefty price on solar system are good. Thy take more commission/ mark up and have many overheads. May be a hierarchy wherein a sales guy gets his cut, his boss has his cut and so on.

          • @sid7827: You guys keep saying things, but have 0 reasoning to back up your claims. I'm really surprised you got involved in this.

            Does Reliance solar sign off on the design and install? If not you're a retailer, you sell system, not design and not install.

          • @sid7827: Growatt 8kW invert $825
            8.3kW HT-SAAE 415w Panels 44c/w = $3653
            Racking = $655.6
            Build of Materials $330
            Labour to install $1500

            Cost of system $6963.6

            Goverment Rebate $40 x 114 STCs = $4560

            Total cost of system to customer (pre retailer markup and paying labours shit install wage, plus using cheap, racking, isolators, ect… $2403.

            Cost of deal $4989.

            Gross profit for Reliance Solar $2586.

            But what do I know…

            • @Yawhae: Who are you 😂😂

              $40 STC and 44 cents for panels? I will buy 100 systems from you. You don't know sh*t. Installation $1500!! Really, my installers won't even pick my calls for that cost

              • @sid7827: Sounds like these economy of scales don't really work out for you.

                $40 is the rate paid by REC for STCs and if you're lodging through a broker and have a significant volume to claim then you're leaving money on the table. Current spot price is $36.50 for low volume and $39 for high volume, or you claim directly through the regulator and wait a little longer and get $40.

                44c/w is the wholesale rate for these panels. I can get Hyundais for 50c/w and Trina for 48c/w. Both panels with better brand recognition.

                I'll admit $1500 is lean for installation, personally it should be $2500, I've seen it as low as $1250. Perhaps you pay your installer well, and your installers do a fantastic job.

                Don't forget you decided to get involved and my comments were about paying slightly more than your price so customers knew their installers were been paid properly.