ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum: Bonus 70,000 Qantas Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months), $0 Annual Fee First Year (Save $295)


First post so please go easy on me

I was scrolling through to look for ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, came across this deal on ANZ's website.
The requirements are similar as previously -

  • Be 18 years of age or over, and
    • Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa
    • Have a good credit rating. Find out more about Credit Reporting
    • Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria.

Annual Fee $0 for the first year and 295 thereafter. More info on rates is available on the link provided.

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  • +2

    Thanks op! Great first post

    Not bad no Af

    Considering this or the ANZ frequent flyer black though 450 AF with $200 cash back

    120k points

    Hmmmm what U guys think?

    • Is this offer on ANZ website? Black card is upto 130k points with 100k in first year and 30k in 2nd

      • Yeh actually applied last night then I see this lol FML

        Just jumped on now ANZ

        Looks like the just changed it over night hence why I didn't see this one!

    • +13

      less points but no AF almost always the win for me.

    • I recently cancelled my ANZ QFF Platinum. It's a good card if you're after travel insurance and purchase insurance. But there are no perks like Amex or other cards. Their App needs improvement too. Since I got the card about 12 years ago, I was still getting 1 point per $1. Suddenly they increased the annual feee from 95 to 295. I wasn't using it much. So I cancelled it. I didn't know I could change the card type until I cancelled it.

      • Can you explain changing the card type?

        • i think what they're referring to regarding changing card type is switching to a different credit card product.

          For example, if you have a $10k limit card where the financial institution suddenly increase the fee to $295 and you rarely use it, you might find it better to switch to no fee credit card within the their line up of products instead of closing the card flat out. You keep the same limit or you can decrease it to your liking but it does not show up on your credit report. You continue to keep the card and can keep for emergency use.
          Whereas if you close it entirely, if you decide to get a credit card in the future again, it means you need to go through the whole proceed of submitting applications and getting approval, sometimes not being able to get the same limit you previously had depending your finances.

  • Nice find. Been a long time between no annual fee Qantas offerings.

    Come on ANZ, go no annual fee on the Black as well..

  • +1

    Damn just took out the black,
    $200 for an additional 30,000 points sounds pretty steep
    Would've gone with this.

    • Same, just took out the Black. But I'm happy with that choice.

    • +1

      Depends what you want to do with your points. The worst value option is to convert to gift card which will give you about $150, so slightly worse off. If you plan to do flights / upgrades then paying $200 for 30000 points is a good deal.

  • +1

    not bad, but the Black is definitely a much better offer at the moment. more points, gives a higher points earning rate and currently $255 back after meeting the spending requirement.

    • +4

      The black is $170 for 100k whereas this is free for 70k. YMMV.

      • -1

        The black is free for 70k and $170 for 30k which is a bargain, on top of that the black awards 1 point per dollar as opposed to 0.75 and has a $7500 cap before going to 0.5 vs $3000 cap on the platinum.

        • +8

          Not looking to hang onto the card once I get the points. So YMMV.

          • @nightelves: either way $170 for 30k aint bad. I usually get between 2 and 4 cents of value per point (have got upto 7c with first class flights).

            • @gromit: Fair enough but then against the chance of you get rejected is also high for the Black vs Platinum.

              • @nightelves: for some maybe. should not be an issue for me thankfully. It is perfect timing for me as I am due for my next churn and ANZ for me was 3 years ago now.

                • @gromit: Best of luck. I'll stick with the 70k as there's so many good offers around. I'm just aiming for the Points Club Plus status and I'm good.

                  • @nightelves: you too :-) I am points club plus atm. just rolled over into new year for me so have to collect to maintain it.

                    • @gromit: Yeah I'm doing it for the beginning of next year to ensure I keep it for two years.

    • Link to the black deal?

    • -1

      this is misleading as people will think the card you talking about is ANZ rewards black. not the ANZ frequent flyer black you guys talking here.

  • +7

    Are ANZ still knocking back applications for no reason?

    • +3

      Do banks ever provide a reason for their decisions?

    • They are making it hard to get approved, I don't see why tbh… people will just jump to afterpay services


        • +2


    • Havent applied for a while. but I notice from my few credit card applications and reading Ozb, that all the credit card companies are being really stringent.

      ie Previously I'd always perceived AMEX as the easiest, but I was rejected multiple times before finally getting one approved but for an absolute minimum

    • A reason ANZ might knock you back is any payment plan accounts eg LaititudePay, ZipPau, AfterPay

      I had the first two and made two credit card at applications earlier this year, both were knocked back.

      I closed the accounts and then applied for this credit card a couple of months ago and was approved.

      • afterpay dont credit check so how would banks know?

        • +2

          ZipPay appeared on my Equifax credit report as a "Personal Loan (Revolving)". Maybe it's only ZipPay.

    • I applied for an ANZ frequent flyer platinum card earlier this year and was initially rejected, then my application was approved magically a month later after a few calls and emails to ANZ.

      ANZ wanted a quarterly year to date figure on my payslips. The super helpful customer service rep couldn’t work out why my gross income differed to my annual salary when I provided fortnightly payslips with a YTD amount listed, so my application was declined.

      Eventually, my application was approved after I explained in writing and on the phone a few times that the gross income and annual salary amounts would never add up because:

      • I changed jobs partway through the financial year
      • my annual salary was for 365.25 days in a year
      • the annual salary listed on my payslip was my current salary after a promotion.
  • Does anyone know if you can link partners’ QFF to your card that’s under your name?

    • Nope.

    • +4

      Don't think it can be done but you could transfer the points via family transfer

    • thanks guys!

  • Isnt this deal better -

    worth $800 of gift cards (120,000 bonus points), 1st year fee waived.

    • +4

      QFF Vs. ANZ Rewards both are distinctly different products.

      • +1

        I doubt 70,000 qantas points are worth $800

        • +7

          I believe the going rate of Qantas points is 1.3c per point (pre pandemic).
          That would make 70K QFF points worth about $910.

        • when you travel, they're a lot. Surely less when you buy something from the Qantas store. But you get to collect QFF points with the card.

        • +3

          Exactly. Try selling them even at 0.95c per point and see how you go (let alone 1.1). With huge amounts of points on hand with no travel in sight I doubt they are worth as much as they used to.

    • I believe you can apply for both as they're different rewards programs. Can anyone else confirm?

      • +1

        Yes you can.

      • +1

        yes you can :)
        this question is posted at least once in every anz card thread.

      • Would be interesting if they approved both.

    • A true OZbargainer would have churned that already ;)
      But yes, in terms of monetary value that is better
      This is great if you're earning QFF points and want that Business class ticket out of lockdown.

  • Interesting to see them actually refer to credit ratings

    • when they refer to credit ratings they aren't referring to those dodgy credit scores the American credit score companies are trying to persaude everyone into thinking are important. They are referring to their own credit checks.

        • if you don't have a good credit rating you probably shouldn't be given high rate credit cards anyway lol
        • True, but the scores don't mean anything here. They will use their own criteria based on your credit history. In some ways sometimes those credit score give you a good idea what the banks are likely to think of your credit history but that is about it.

          • @gromit: Yeah, the best thing to check on those scores is that you don't have anything weird that stands out (like a missed utility bill causing a default)

            • @CheeseBeans: yup, about all they are good for is for telling you when something bad hits your credit report.

              • @gromit: Like me refinancing my mortgage to a significantly lower amount and rate which dropped my score like 50 points, lol. It is all a bit of a farce.

  • Will I be knocked back if I already have the ANZ rewards card open with them? Anyone had both at the same time with them?

    • If your income can proof to them that you can payback the debt then shouldn't be a problem.

  • +4

    PSA: the cool down for ANZ Rewards and ANZ QFF are on separate cooldown periods.

  • This is more like the old days of ANZ where they offered the FF cards without the first year annual fee. It was interesting that I applied for both the black and Platinum and got approved for both and got the bonus points. Later on they changed the T&Cs to stop you from doing so. Back then the application got processed by people here and it was smooth sailing unlike the debacle that it is now.

  • Ahh the deal is finally here but I still have just less than one month to go until my ANZ FF cooldown period ends. Oh well. Maybe if its still live in December/January.

    • I'm trying to figure out when I cancelled my last one

      • if you still have access to your ANZ account, you can check your last statement.
        Or if you check your history from one of those credit report agencies.
        Or just call ANZ.

  • Why it’s always ANZ?
    Looking for something similar from Commbank or any other big 4.

    • Commbanks Ultimate awards offer for Qantas is not bad right now actually, 70k Qantas Points for a $30 Qantas Rewards fee at a minimum. $5000 minimum spend still though.

      • Thanks mate - It was on my radar as well until I found it costs you $35/mo if you don’t spend over $2500 per month.

        • +1

          Don't forget the $30 that you have to pay to join the Qantas points earning program.

    • +2

      There is promo from Citibank with 100K QF bonus points.

  • +3

    Anyone know what the required annual income is for this?

  • Sorry, if this question asked earlier. I had ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card earlier. Based on deal description this is different card type , pls confirm if anyone knows.

    Thank you

    • interested in this. thanks.

  • Nice OP

  • Has anyone applied and got conditional approval or some sort of email confirmation?
    Been an hour since I applied, no confo email or request for payslip data yet.
    Never been rejected by ANZ in the past, but there is always a first time.
    No news in a CC application usually means a physical rejection letter is on the way…

    • Same here. Nothing yet

    • have you got the email yet? Same boat here. No instant approval for me as well.

      • Nope. Nothing yet.

        • Just got the email for income verification.

          • @maverick1: Thanks. I got mine few hours ago. Submitted my payslip. Just got my acceptance email.

  • Anyone know how strict the 12 months is? I closed this card 7 October 2020. Obviously it's passed the 365 days, but would it be safer to wait until Nov to apply?

    • Nah go for it

      If they give U any static then call up and say it's been 12 months 365 and they will manually add


      Wait till Eom or Nov 1st

      • yep, you're safe to apply.

        My ANZ CC closed on beginning of May last year. I've applied in mid May this year for same Reward and got the bonus points without problem.

  • Whats the minimum credit limit for this one? Is it 6k?

    • Yes

    • Platinum cards are always $6k. Black cards are always $15k.

      • Which one is better?

        • Whichever you can get approval for.

  • +1

    Instant approval, nice.

    • because you are an associated with ANZ?

    • I remember those days…it has been so long now since my last instant approval

  • Good deal, just about to close the FF Black.. now to wait another 12 months.
    Wish I was able to get this one instead.

  • Closed my anz ff cc on 17th Oct last year, do I need to wait till the 18th this month or till Nov to pass the 12 mths wait period?

    • whenever you think it's12 months ..
      if you think 12 months is from Oct 2020 to Nov 2021, then that's when it is ;)

      (not sure why you would think that!)

    • +1

      I just applied for a card that I closed a year ago. I have the account closed confirmation email that was exactly the same day last year. I waited to the next day to be sure so a full 12 months. It was opened without problem and got the bonus again.

  • +1

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