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Spend on Makita & Earn Store Vouchers: ($499/$100, $999/$200, $1499/$300, $1999/$400, $2499/$500, $4999/$1000) @ Total Tools




The sale commences at start of business Thursday 14th October and finishes, end of business Saturday 16th October 2021.

Bonus dollars to be redeemed in the same transaction on Makita products only. Bonus dollars are not to be used in conjunction with reaching qualifying spend levels or taken off qualifying spend levels.


Step 1: Purchase your Makita product(s) to earn a voucher proportionate to the amount you spent.

Spend levels are listed below:

Spend $499* & Get $100 Mak Cash
Spend $999* & Get $200 Mak Cash
Spend $1499* & Get $300 Mak Cash
Spend $1999* & Get $400 Mak Cash
Spend $2499* & Get $500 Mak Cash
Spend $4999* & Get $1000 Mak Cash

Step 2: Your Voucher code will be sent to your email account.

All vouchers will be sent out within 3 business days of purchase. Once you receive your voucher you will have 48 hours from issue to redeem before it expires.

Vouchers can only be redeemed on Makita products and in 1 transaction only (redeemed online).

Step 3: Receive a discount on your next Makita purchase by redeeming your unique voucher code at the checkout.

You must use the full amount of the voucher in your next purchase as vouchers cannot be split up through multiple purchases.

The voucher code is unique and can only be redeemed once.

Please note that you will have to redeem the full amount within 1 transaction, any residual amount will be canceled and non-refundable as soon as the voucher code is redeemed.

Non-Makita products can be included in the same transaction but the voucher code will only be applied to Makita products.


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    Seems a bit weak as far as deals go. I have to have TWO Makita items that I want to purchase, to start with. Purchase the first one, get the voucher, then I have 48 hours to purchase the second one.

    If I only want to purchase one Makita item, even if it is a $1,000 saw, then I get nothing of value from this deal.

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      Yep, gated discounting with a terribly short expiry.

      I like gaming this stuff because I can, someone that actually needs that sort of tooling almost certainly can’t be bothered.

    • Agree. I want a Makita router but its more like $350, I could stretch but not if I then have to buy another thing on top of that.

  • Thanks OP. I agree with others that this deal is pretty limited in its timeframe and redemption (unbelievable that the deal goes for only 48h AND you have to use the Mak Cash within 48h!) but there aren’t many good deals going these days so you have to take what you get.

    I’m interested in the set of four (hammer drill, driver, recipro and angle grinder) for $1139. This comes with a $149 RRP battery via cashback so is effectively $989 for the set (not that I would pay RRP, but it’s a nice bonus).


    Then, I would get $200 Mak Cash that I have to spend immediately. Given I only have a limited number of old corded and no-name cordless tools, but plan to increase my handiness, can anyone suggest another tool that would be worth getting for $200-400 price range (if it’s a good deal)?

    Also, I’ve heard online that tool companies bundle seconds into these multi-packs, and you’re better off buying tools individually. How much truth is there to this rumour in Australia from your experience, does Makita do it, and if so which tools are most affected?

    Thanks in advance

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      can anyone suggest another tool that would be worth getting for $200-400 price range

      Not sure what your needs are but a circular saw is always handy (moreso than the recipro, at least for me). You may also consider the multi-tool.

      You may even buy another bundle (such as this one), keep the batteries and sell the tools on FB market/Gumtree. You can easily get $130-140 for the drill and the impact driver, and $50 for the charger, ending up paying ~$50 for 2x3.0Ah batteries.

      I’ve heard online that tool companies bundle seconds into these multi-packs

      I call BS. Never heard of this and never saw a second-looking product in any Makita bundle I purchased.

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        I agree, really depends what you would use. Personally I use recipros more than a circular saw.

        The deal is really limited, I had a few tools I wanted and waited for this deal. Personally it saved me $400. Other times I would buy a kit and sell off the skins or other bits I don't use. I was surprised how quickly they sold. On one occasion I bought a kit on special and parted out the kit which ended up me recovering the initial purchase and kept the bits I wanted.

        Haven't heard of second hand bits in the combo kits either.

        I think the insider nights are better, similar-ish sort of time frame (maybe 1-2 weeks instead of same transaction/days) but you can purchase anything in store.

        You could even try to sell the voucher online for a little less value.

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          Another trick you can use is that Bunnings sometimes matches Total Tools/Sydney Tools promos by discounting their kits by 15-20%. If you can find the exact same kit at the other tool shop you can have them price match Bunnings, and still get the store credit/voucher, effectively buying the tool with a ~30% discount.

          I recently did that with the line trimmer (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/605507). Original price $299, Bunnings discounted it to $256 to match Sydney Tools, Sydney Tools matched Bunnings and gave me the $50 credit on top of that price. So I paid $256 total and walked out with $349 worth of tools (27% discount)

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            @bio: Did u do this over the phone or go in with trade account?

            • @Kammi: Thanks all for the advice. I had a housemate until last year who had a Makita set and they were great (from the mid 2010s though, not sure about quality differences now) and I agree we used the circular saw heaps, so that’s good advice. He ended up buying a multitool separately, and said it was amazingly useful but I’m not sure I’d use it that much on the type of projects I’d be doing, at my level of ability. In fact he also bought a new mitre saw (wired) and I’ve used that once but can see the value in it (but expensive).

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              @Kammi: I don't have a trade account but I just walked in and asked for a price match.

        • Good advice and thanks for sharing your experience. When I said seconds, I didn’t mean secondhand, I meant second-rate, as in they bundle tools that are a bit dodgy compared to the firsts they sell as standalone units.

          This is traditional online wisdom in the forums I’ve frequented - like all online wisdom it’s probably purely speculation and hearsay. However, there may have been dodgy resellers or non-reputable dealers in the US that pulled this kind of scam in the past, though I doubt sets branded with the original manufacturer’s name would do this, since the reputational risk would be too high.

          • +1


            I meant second-rate, as in they bundle tools that are a bit dodgy compared to the firsts they sell as standalone units.

            I've seen that with brands like Ozito etc but never with Makita. They don't have millions of model numbers, and the tools included in the kits can also be bought individually. Actually the last time I bought a Makita kit at Sydney Tools they didn't have that kit in stock, and the rep gave me the same models of tools from the shelf but invoiced it as a kit.

      • Thanks for the tips (longer reply at end of comment chain). I have an Aldi brand (Ferrex) hammer drill that was pretty good for the money and does the job for occasional drilling into brickwork. My Ryobi drill is ok too for general screwing around! Will obviously need a proper drill and driver for any major projects I undertake but the these two tools, for nearly all brands, always seem to come in sets that are good value and come with batteries. For these I wouldn’t need to be wedded to Makita and could pick one up whenever I needed it I think.

        Circular saw is the goer I reckon.

        • +1

          From what you wrote it looks like you don't necessarily need the top-of-the-line drill (DHP486) and the driver (DTD154). Also some DHP481/486's have a problem with the chuck (fortunately my 481 is fine). In that case you can save money by buying an entry-level brushless kit, such as this:


          The angle grinder model is the same. You are missing the recipro and the big (6Ah) batteries, but you can buy those separately, or with another kit.

          • @bio: Thanks. I was interested in the recipro in particular, and I’d make use of the other tools as well, especially the driver. I have a corded angle grinder but would be interested in getting into the Makita ecosystem. However, since I’m not currently in any ecosystem, I was looking at this Dewalt deal, and wondering if the 5-piece would be a good buy? Dewalt and Makita are both widely available but Dewalt has more frequent deals it seems, to get into the Aussie market. Any insight into this, for someone who isn’t particularly handy but is looking to make some things and build my skills? Thanks

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    Not as good as the offer of 20% store credit from Makita roadshow in Sydney tools before. Of course if you need something now, its still a good deal. Even with $100 voucher and you don't want to spend more money, you might choose to get some accessories or handtools, better than nothing.

    I always wanted MAKITA 18V BRUSHLESS 2 PIECE 1 X 5.0AH COMBO KIT DLX2397TX1 which seems to be exclusive to total tools. But I guess I can control myself not to purchase this set which I don't really need. Although my car tyre has slight leaking issue, it only needs a bit of air every two weeks when I get to the petrol station, so I don't really need the inflator. The vaccum is good with my circular saw and table saw, but I don't use them often. I don't need a third battery or a second charger.