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[SA] Get $50-$150 for Recycling Your Working Old / Secondary Fridge in Adelaide @ Your Energy Saving Solutions


Metro Adelaide, South Australian residents can now receive incentives for recycling a secondary fridge. Units for collection must be in working order and you will need to have a primary fridge at your home post collection.

Removed units will be compensated with a gift voucher or bank transfer of between $50 and $150 depending on the item being collected, priority group status and the location of the collection.

The Scheme is available to all eligible South Australian residential energy customers and many South Australian businesses. Limited units are available to be decommissioned for non-priority group household customers in the Secondary Fridge Decommissioning Scheme.

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Your Energy Saving Solutions
Your Energy Saving Solutions


  • Fridge only - what about freezers?

    • You get $50 for a Freezer

      • Only if you're in the priority group holding a concession card or paying less than $400 rent though

  • Does this mean I could use your rebate when i buy a new fridge/freezer combo, and then also use this offer to get $100 when getting rid of the old one?

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