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Chirpy Watermelon Seltzer $45, Sunset Ale $50, Summer Ale/Apple Cider $55 + Delivery (Free over $120 Spend) @ Two Birds Brewing


Free delivery for orders over $120, otherwise $10 flat rate delivery anywhere in Australia. Last time this deal sold out, so get in quick!

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Two Birds Brewing
Two Birds Brewing

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    Sunset Ale is a cracker if anyone likes a red/amber ale. It won one of the big awards quite a few years back, can't for the life of me remember what it was.

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      Agree - The Sunset is by far one of my favourite beers of all time.

    • Also I plus 1, great beer!

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      I can't believe they didn't call you first!

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    I guess they sell more beer by not mentioning anywhere that they are now owned by Lion.

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      Did not know this!

    • Who cares - they're still an excellent brewery that do some amazing beers.

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        Bit of an ignorant comment. Many people do care about buying indie beer. Doesn't mean they still don't make great beer, as you said.

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          I get what you're saying, but this predisposition in the craft beer community to "indie only" to the point of fanaticism is not only a bit silly, it's deeply hypocritical.
          These same people consume pretty much everything else that is mass-produced and corporate owned, but suddenly when it's beer they're suddenly lords of virtue.

          It's an elitist position to take. Especially when breweries (like Two Birds) worked incredibly hard to get where they are and just want more people to be able to enjoy their beers.
          Also, a number of these operations still continue to brew in the same ways they always have with the same people, just for a new owner (again, just like Two Birds in this instance).

          I just don't understand the thinking and the constant pointing-out as if it's something that really matters.

          That being said, of course we should support indies as much as possible, but I don't think it should be reduced to a case of "camp a = bad, camp b = good".

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            @chul00p4: Good points well made. I am in the same boat to a certain extent. Love Fixation and what they have done to get where they have. Hopefully we see them on more taps, kind of like what happened with Balter. I would have a gripe if the big dogs bought out these guys and run them into the ground or damaged the brand, but I don't see that happening here thankfully.

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            @chul00p4: I mean we've seen far too many craft breweries ruined by the bigger ones (looking at you CUB). Hopefully Two Birds can keep up their quality/ethos.

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            Also, a number of these operations still continue to brew in the same ways they always have with the same people

            You literally spelt out the issue and you still don't see it.

          • @chul00p4: Good points, but it does depend on what direction the new owner takes the brewery in. 4 Pines is a pretty good example, came onto the scene as a genuine indie but has been turned into a mainstream craft brand. Seeing Pirate Life go down a similar road, Mountain Goat too. I imagine that Two Birds never had enough of a profile be to pilfered like this though, so hopefully will maintain it's quality. Once the original people jump ship, I will too.

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              @pdtmathieson: See, that's all more than fair enough, and completely agree on 4 Pines as there has also been a decline in quality in some areas.

              My main point is that people shouldn't ignore a brewery purely based on who owns it.
              If the people that are running the ground operation are genuinely passionate and able to still put out cracking beers in a manner that is more sustainable for the original business, then we all get to benefit.

              If the been becomes crap then by all means, straight to the bin.

              • @chul00p4: I would easily buy from Stone & Wood or 2 Birds before a mainstream CUB brand and vastly before any fake craft-brew brands.
                However the fact remains that there are many examples where 'craft brew' in Australia has turned to sh*t after the outfit has been acquired by a mega-national.

                No problems buying from 2 Birds, but at the same time even less problem with letting people know they are now (pending ACCC approval) owned by Lion.

    • They are not owned by Lion quite yet, needs to be approved by the ACCC before it is finalised

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      I guess you won't be buying and Stone and Wood any time soon

      • People still drink Stone and Wood?

      • I never suggested what people should/should not buy.

        My personal choice is independence over internationally owned Craft Brewery with a total avoidance of all the 'fake' craft brew brands that are now flooding the market.

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    Where's the Taco beer?

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      If you're looking for taco beer this is nacho deal.

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        I'm just hear for good dillas on these quesas.

    • you try their jalapeno taco beer? Soo good lol

  • the watermelon one tastes like strawberries on a summer evening

  • Anyone who can comment on the cider?

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    Damn, about 3 weeks to slam those down before expiry, maybe 2 weeks once they’ve arrived. Load up

  • Would be good for next time to have a C&C option without shipping costs.

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