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[PC] Disco Elysium: The Final Cut US$5.50 (~A$7.50) @ GOG (via Russia VPN)


Was just using this trick to grab Baldur's Gate 3 and noticed Disco Elysium was crazy cheap.

I used SurfShark VPN to connect to Russia. Open in an Incognito window to ensure you don't get the cached AU page.

Use Translate to navigate the store, and select 'USD' from the currency options down the very bottom of the page. Comes out slightly cheaper than paying in Ruble.

Checked out with Paypal and 28 Degrees card. Don't forget to charge in USD to avoid Paypal's awful conversion rates.

All told, I paid 45 bucks for the pair. Not bad at all.


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    Great ‘game’

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    Deserves way more than that!

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      I am sure it does! I was going to wait and just hope it eventually came to Game pass but at this price, I'll buy it now.

  • +1


    yup has been my modus operandi for ages

    recently picked up Witcher 3 GOTY + Disco Elysium for roughly AUD 21 all up

    • Yeah it's great. Miss being able to do this on Steam :'(

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    Honestly, if you can afford to pay the normal 30 AUD, I'd implore you to do so, the game has an absolutely mind boggling level of effort put into it's writing, a little over a million words of dialogue are in this game, that's almost double that of the entire LoTR book trilogy, and it's not just quantity of dialogue that the game excels at, it's fantastic writing as well, truly great stuff if you're into socioeconomics and politics in general, if you're into story and dialogue heavy games you probably can't get better than Disco Elysium, truly.

    If the developers weren't clinically insane enough, they then went ahead and added voiceovers for every line of dialogue in the game with the final cut just a little over a year later, all for free, god knows how they did it, but yeah, if you can afford the 30 and I kind've sold you on the game, please do just pay the normal asking price, otherwise, do whatever you want.

    • +6

      I hear you, I did wonder if I should post it or not. It basically came down to the fact that I wouldn't even consider it for 30 bucks since I am very unlikely to put decent hours into it. I am awful at finishing games and this sounds like a game I'd give up on.

      Hope to be proven wrong. If I end up adoring it, I can buy a second copy to redeem myself :P

      • +1

        I think posting it is a good idea, as those who would pirate it will end up giving something to the developers this way.

      • +2

        mate, no way you will ever finish this game, its so slow, 95% is talk, sure its intriguing and all but who has 5 hrs a day to play this?

        • +4

          Then play 1 hour a day for 5 times as long.

    • Well said @chepsk8

  • I expect to be negged into oblivion for this bit I think the game is ok, I also think it is extremely over-hyped. There are times when I am plain bored with it, I'm maybe an hour or two from the end according to friends who have played through but it's been a month or two since I played it now.

    I'll give it an upvote at this price but the $40+ full price is ridiculous imho.

    • Game has too much text for my liking, it starts to feel like a regular job instead of a game
      IMO game should convey the experience (and immersion) through multiple mediums and not just make people read insane amount of text.

      • id love to get it for $5 on the switch, might be a good one to put you to sleep at the end of a busy day
        ++ for art direction and writing though

    • Added downvote as a joke but now I can't seem to remove it without making it an upvote and I just can't do that sorry

      • +1

        No wuckers, I expected a lot more

      • You can remove your vote from a comment by clicking "votes" under the comment. It will bring up a menu allowing you to remove your vote.

        • Thanks for that didn't even know. Unfortunately it says "Votes older than 1 hour cannot be revoked" so he's going to have to live with that one!

    • I felt that $40 is cheap for the experience it provides. game definitely isnt for everyone, all opinions here are valid and fair.

  • Nice one, I already own the base game, so am ok with this method to get the enhanced version without having to pay full price again.

    • +4

      I thought it was a free upgrade to all owners? Maybe I got that wrong.

      • +2

        Ha, yeah you're right. Good thing I didn't purchase yet. Cheers!

  • I don't have Russia as a country in Express VPN. I selected a couple neighbouring countries, but only get as low as $10.16 USD.

    • Ukraine? also good price

  • +2

    Pay properly for this thing. We aren’t communards.

    • can you buy this if you are not vaxed

      • Double dose or GTFO

  • +2

    What do you get from this? A stand alone install file?

    I have a pile of shame higher than Everest already and know this would just go onto that…

    • yup. 16.4 GB of install files

  • Coming to Xbox????

    • +1

      It is already on Xbox. Was released on Xbox and Nintendo this week.

  • +2

    This game absolutely blew me away. Instantly on my list of favourites of all time.

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    I've just realised NordVPN won't connect me to Russia.

    Any free VPNs you'd recommend? Thanks

    • Try using Tunnel bear VPN or the Windscribe Chrome extension

      • Thanks, but Tunnelbear doesn't have Russian servers either and Windscribe has three, but all need a subscription.

        edit: I used a random one, VeePN - didn't require any account. Also, I paid with Commbank MC Debit, was 7.59 AUD and most likely is going to incur a 3%, so ~0.23 AUD international transaction fee. Why would the OP need to pay in USD, is this something that the 28 Degrees card does?

        Fun fact: the current price is -45% off, so the regular price on Russian GOG is only ~14 AUD.

  • +4

    I’m currently playing this game. It’s almost mind blowing. It’s only my first save and admittedly I don’t play that much game, but you can really see the effort that they spent on building the world of Disco Elysium. I was chatting to a friend about my progress today when he commented “That sounds like a totally different story from what I was playing”. We obviously built our own characters and made different decisions that landed us on totally distinctive places. Can’t wait to finish it and play again!

  • Price increased to $10.01 USD = $13.43 AUD
    Used the VeePN extension on Chrome.
    If the hassle isn't worth it for you it's only $3 more without VPN: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658498

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