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[PC, Epic] Disco Elysium: The Final Cut $16.34 with EPIC Store Voucher @ Epic Games


A great price for a highly rated game. Best price I've seen for a no-fuss purchase, but if VPNs and Russian GOG are your thing, you can get it for AUD$7.50 - credit to Flamepro.

Thanks to dealbot for posting the $15 Epic Games coupon.

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  • +20

    Quite possibly one of the most profound and gripping stories I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. Fans of role-playing will adore this gem due to just how in-depth the game responds to your character's personal skill setup.

    Don't bother if you can't stand lots of reading in video games, though, because this is practically a book jury-rigged into a video game.

    • +5

      Yeah, that "lots of reading" part stops me from buying this game.

      I remember another old RPG game - Planescape Torment - was hailed as a tour-de-force RPG game at that time, but there was so much text to read that I just skipped through most of them.

      • +7

        Planescape Torment's a good comparison in terms of how much reading to expect, actually.

        • +1

          It may be a good comparison in terms of volume but Disco Elysium is like a book not a video game. You actually want to read the text because it's amazingly well crafted. There's no fluff and it's mostly very intriguing.

          It's really above any other game that I can think of in terms of writing and wanting to read it.

          You might not like it still but comparing to other games isn't possible I feel due to it's quality.

          People may feel a bit lost at first because of the rather unusual choice to make attributes and skills talk to the player and become part of the story. Also the names of everything is very bizaare (though it fits with the story) which may leave some people feeling unfamiliar with normal RPG fare.

        • "Torment" being the operative word here.

      • +1

        It's a really legitimate perspective, especially if you are time poor and can only play in snippets.

        Agree with redfrog - like Torment, you really need to immerse yourself in it and treat it like an interactive book with game elements. Certainly not a casual game, but if you give it attention it really rewards you with a rich narrative.

      • +3

        The 'Final Cut' version is fully voice acted.

    • +5

      It's been fully narrated now!

  • +1

    I wish it was on sale on the Mac OS store so I could run it natively on M1

    • Does the epic store not work with the M1 Macs? I'm seeing the game on Epic for Mac, but I have an older Mac so not sure what works with the M1 chips.

      • Mac and Mac M1 are two different things when come to some/many games and apps.

        Also Epic Store and a game itself are two different things.

      • Epic store works on Mac
        This game also work on Mac, but if your Mac is an M1 the game is not natively supported and it will run through Rosetta (an emulator). Not ideal but looking at reviews online it seems like it works fine.
        If you buy this game from the MacOS store though you get the M1 optimised version

        • oh I see, thank you for explaining, I havent really looked into the M1 computers yet, but thats good to know about game support. Something to keep in mind when it comes time for me to upgrade. :)

          • @bratgirl: Definitely go for an M1 upgrade, they are awesome for gaming. The only downside is compatibility but that goes for every Mac. But it won't be a big deal for long, I have just finished beta testing GeForce Now by Pentanet and it's awesome I could play AAA titles with ray tracing on every device: Mac, PC and iPhone. Cloud gaming is the future no need to worry about the hardware anymore

    • The latest patch notes in Steam report it supports M1 Macs now. I'd assume that the patch is also available for the Epic games release.

      • I'll dig up. I only checked the game requirements and M1 wasn't mentioned in there so I thought it wasn't optimised

  • +5

    Paid $50 for it a month or so after a mate recommended it. I got about 5 hours in, but I've struggled with the amount of dialog you have to sit through to progress the plot.

    Story seems interesting, but you get bogged down in 100 different dialog options with every single npc and you end up spending hours seemingly without progressing much.

    It's extremely high rated though, so don't take my word for it.

    • +1

      I think it's fair to say many people won't like it because of all the reading.

      • +5

        The final cut edition adds voiced dialogue to the whole game.

      • For those people, there's fortnite and eating play doh to keep them amused.

  • +13

    If you're the type of person that can really get involved in the story a game is trying to tell, don't hesitate, buy this now, download it, and start playing ASAP.

    I paid full price and I would have paid double that if I'd known how much I'd enjoy this game. I laughed, I cried, I considered punching a small child as hard as I could.

    If you're the type of person that smashes the skip text button over and over again, as good as this game is, it might not be for you.

  • +5

    Sounds like a cuNo brainer

  • just wait a bit more and maybe it will be free on Epic Games? :D

  • +4

    I coughed up for this just after Final Cut was released and I thought the game might be pulled from sale in Australia due to rating issues. Absolutely worth it (imo) even at full price, and ~$15 is incredible.

  • I paid about $30 on steam about a week ago. Haven't played it yet. Maybe I should get a refund and get it cheaper.

  • +1

    but if VPNs and Russian GOG are your thing, you can get it for AUD$7.50

    Don't have to be your thing. Just get the VeePN browser extenstion for a VPN (it's free and can connect to Russia), switch it on, load GOG (so it's Russian) in Chrome (so you can translate) and purchase using your regular account and an Aussie card.

    Then remove the extension, open your GOG Galaxy and download the game as any other.

    • This deal has twice the upvotes haha. The people have spoken.

      Though I must say, paying more for slightly less work does not seem like the Ozbargain way!

      • +1

        Yeah, I totally get it. Cheap as chips anyway, so some can't be bothered with the VPN. Others might be scared of connecting to and paying on a Russian website. Which is baseless.

      • I would have been happy to use your method Flamepro, but last time I purchased that way my credit card company flagged the transaction as suspicious and blocked the card.

        So I agree, the Ozbargain way would absolutely be to buy it for $7.50, but I don't want to go through the hassle of getting my card unblocked again.

        • +1

          Ah damn! Yeah I sometimes forget not everyone has a 28 deg card haha. Feel like it's part of the initiation process :p

          Fair enough though, cheers for the shout-out and friendly rivalry :D

          • @fLaMePrO: I still don't get the benefit of the 28 deg card that you mentioned in your deal.

            My very regular commbank card was fine. I guess it's smaller vs bigger banks.

            • @pizzaguy: I guess it was a small transaction, so the FX hit was barely noticeable. But yeah some banks charge a fee on top as well. Good to know commbank didn't!

              • +1

                @fLaMePrO: Commbank charges 3% on any international payment, but their exchange rates are usually reasonable, so it was $7.81 in total for me, after rates and charges.

  • For anyone who has played, would it be better to get this on the Switch to play handheld? I like to play on the go but I wonder if UI elements and whatnot might be too small or hard to navigate

    • +1

      I played it on remote play on my mobile phone from my PS5 and didn't have an issue. Assuming switch will be similar.

  • This is really an audio book disguised as a game methinks. It's way, way too talky.

  • +1

    OOoooOOooooooOooo, tempting… but I'm gonna use my coupon for Death's Door

  • Good option thanks op

  • +2

    It's tempting but i think i'm going to wait on the Switch version to go on sale. It's got a few issues which they're working to iron out, but just having it portable is going to be hard to beat

  • +4

    I already used my voucher on Disco Elysium, but then I looked around and "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition" is $15.29. Does this mean it can be bought for just $0.29 using the $15 voucher? If so, somebody should post that as a deal.

    Edit: Just found the answer to my question - no, this can't be done because the $15 voucher can only be applied to purchases over $22.99.

  • I've had Gamedec in my wishlist since before it was released and was going to use my voucher for that, but after seeing this one it sounds it might be a better option.

  • +1

    Only 1x $15 voucher this time?
    Bring back the repeated $15 voucher!

  • I'm a simple man. I see a Disco Elysium post, I upvote. One of my favourite games of all time.

  • So cheap on PC, but I'm not sure my current one would run it. Rather play on switch once they get a patch out and have the first sale I think.

  • Double checking before I buy, this game is like an audio book as in, I won't need to read tiny squinty text.

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