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$15 off Purchases over $22.99 When You Subscribe to Email Newsletter @ Epic Games


I’m already subscribed: Great, thank you for staying connected with us! We’ll be sending you a $10 Epic Coupon within the next 24 hours. Once received, the coupon will be applied at checkout with your next eligible purchase. Check out your account inventory to see if your coupon is ready to be used.

I’m not currently subscribed: Go ahead and check that box to opt-in and we’ll dispatch a coupon ASAP. We’re checking for new subscribers daily but please allow up to 24 hours for your coupon to arrive in your inventory. Once received, the coupon will be applied at checkout with your next eligible purchase. Keep an eye on your account inventory to see if your coupon is ready to be used.

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  • thanks. Got AUD 15 coupon

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    Link to email settings to then check subscribe box.

  • I got 15 buck voucher for 23 buck spend. Dunno if that's cause of the Aussie dollar or I've only bought 2 games in 5 years

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    The Halloween specials start on the 18th so it may be best to hold off till then.

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      Or until you find a good deal up until 15 Nov which is when the coupon is valid to.

    • Just got to keep in mind that it may drop a game you were after just under the $23 mark, ironically making it end up more expensive on sale - unless the sale finishes before the coupon expires, and you just have to wait it out?

      Also unlike previous times, this isn't a perpetual voucher either - just one and done.

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    Wow, got it immediately after ticking the box… Gonna wait for a sale.

  • Got it instantly, can you switch it straight back off or will they cancel your coupon?

    • Doubt they'll cancel it, but I'll be spending mine first anyway

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    Refunded Alan Wake Remastered and used this to re-buy it at half off. Thanks, OP!

  • Nice to use on newly released Jackbox Party Pack 8 - with the coupon it's the best price you'll get right now.

  • Anyone know if this can be used for my 4yo sons fortnite season pass?

    • same here. actually the pass is around $18~

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      Unfortunately not, I found this in the conditions:

      No, the $10 Epic Coupon can only be applied to purchases of qualifying games that have already been released on the Epic Games Store. It cannot be applied to pre-purchases or to any non-game purchase such as add-ons (like DLC or season passes) or in-game purchases (such as in-game currency, like V-Bucks in Fortnite, or upgrades like Save the World mode).

  • ok halloween sale is here.
    anything worth to buy? i like fighting genre like Street fighter

  • Got it this morning and purchased Watch Dogs Legion for $20.98.
    There are a few games where you can stacked discounts from the Halloween sales currently.

    • +2

      was eyeing that but spent my coupon on death stranding instead. came down to $21.39

      I still haven't played Watch Dogs 2 had it for ages from some Ubisoft gave away

      • wow! Death Stranding is actually super cool

        and to think I was stuck the last few months casually crushing me mates' sculls with a variety of medieval weapons in Mordhau day in day out

  • Had the shocking realisation that there's no shopping cart in the Epic Store so you can't combine purchases to get over the minimum spend! For those who're not a fan of navigating the epic interface, this list should include games you can use the coupon on which are under $30.

    IsThereAnyDeal filtered list

      1. yes they have no shopping cart, your game must cost over $22.99 to apply a coupon
      2. they do have an awesome page for people like us who only want to see qualifying games:


      these are all the games that are discounted as part of Halloween sale and cost $22.99 or more. have fun!

      • My epic account is in USD for some reason. Do you guys all use Australian store? I need to find out how to change mine to australian

        • yeah I am all in AUD. not sure what happened to you!

  • Do you get another coupon with every purchase like previous coupons

  • still dont know what to buy….

    • Immortals Fenyx Rising for $21 isn't bad. Especially given that it came out last year.

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