[Back Order] NAVMAN Micam GPS 5-Inch Dash Cam with GPS $199.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU



This is my first post.

Saw this deal in Amazon and seem like very cheap.

Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I got one. It’s crap. Don’t recommend unless you desperate for 2 in 1 and everything else cost more.

    • I am currently looking for a gps unit.

      Why is it bad, may I ask?

      • +2

        Pretty much poor software. You need to put an app on your phone to enable the traffic updates, which will need to be relaunched since it will stop working if you don’t use it. Other gps you just need to bt tether for internet traffic updates.
        The popups annoy the heck out of me. If you are going in a tunnel, a popup will show out of gps range. A stack of “updates detected” notifications that wouldn’t go away even if you tap them.
        Dash cam glitched once that turned image in the tunnel all black.
        Pretty average dashcam quality. Navman is not up to tomtom and garmin standard.
        I actually had to return one micam because the stuck on digitiser adhesive strip started to melt down from the top and obstruct the screen.

        This isn’t even all the problems. Just a small taste.

      • Just curious and dont want to come across as being rude but in the days of google maps etc why would you buy a standalone gps?

        • This is a two in one. Cam and gps, also I don’t want to have to drain my phone just to use gps navigation.

          • @Mnke: Sorry was replying to GuyG but you commented before me.
            You can still charge your phone whilst driving though.

            I dont know i just feel like its one of those things that would nearly be obsolete.

            • @adamshere: Ok, how about if someone calls you. Now you need to ignore it or punch and bunch of buttons to put it on speaker and get back to GPS (illegal). Not to mention it's illegal for learners/P1/P2 in NSW to use their phone at all.

              • @Mnke: If someone calls you, you technically shouldn't be touching your phone anyway, but my phone knows I'm in the car and turns into android auto, so taking calls isn't an issue if i have maps up.

            • +1

              @adamshere: I’m using phone gps all the time but there are a few reasons people still want pure gps devices.
              1. Gps devices do one thing and do very well at it. I’m not saying all have equal quality.
              2. You don’t get annoying notifications or calls while driving. Not all people know how to turn notifications off
              3. You get signal every where. Even Telstra network is struggled in some area whilst gps devices get signal from satellite.
              4. The phone might be occupied to entertain children at the back seat
              I still keep gps in my car I bought when I was P platter in case my phone doesn’t have any reception

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          @adamshere I'm on my learner's licence in NSW, and I am not allowed to use a phone while driving. So no phone in mount, or even carplay. For navigation, a standalone GPS device is pretty much the only option.

        • +1

          Standlone GPS at sometimes 7 or 8 inches is bigger than a lot of in car screens.

          Plus you can put it where you want.

          My 2019 Amarok has inbuilt GPS which sucks ass.

          The screen in the head unit is small and dim, so even with Waze or Google Maps it still sucks.

          Garmin is a lot better than Navman in my considerable experience with GPS'

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