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[Refurbished] $200 off Electric Bikes (from $799) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $999 Order) @ Zoomo


With lockdowns easing across Australia and summer approaching, there's never been a better time to get an e-bike.

Zoomo is offering $200 of ALL outlet bikes.

Smartmotion E-Urban $799 (down from $999)
NCM Venice $999 (down from $1,199)

Free delivery for any purchases over $999.

All bikes are road-legal and come with 12 months of warranty on the frame.

Use coupon 200OFF (automatically applied at checkout) to claim this deal. Deal ends 8pm Monday 18 October.

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    Buy new instead, repair bikes full of issues. They are the ex uber eats bikes and the driver totally trash the bike. If you are planning to do uber eats, get a new one and start fresh.

    • All refurbished bikes are checked and approved for sale by our mechanics, and we provide a warranty policy to protect against issues: https://buy.ridezoomo.com/pages/ebike-warranty. We also offer new bikes for purchase or rent at https://www.ridezoomo.com/au/bikes.

      • Whats the battery warranty? Ie.. If it only has 1km of range left in it, is it considered satisfactory and not a warranty claim, as it still technically 'works'?

        • If the battery has degraded to that level due to a defect, then it will be covered under warranty. Please also note that we offer a 7 day return period on refurbished bikes.

          • @RideZoomo: "Defective" lithium cells are subjective.

            So what is an acceptable "level" that is covered by warranty?

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        All refurbished bikes are checked and approved for sale by our mechanics

        When I received my son's e-bike, any attempts to change gear would see the chain come off. I do not accept that this bike was checked by mechanics as per your advertisements. The replacement bike had 3k extra kilometres.


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          We all know those disclaimer are just marketing stunt and none of the bike are checked and approved. This is why I never buy refurbished item, people return their item due to fault, when something is a lemon, it's always a lemon.

          • @panadol520: Many of our refurbished bikes are ex-rentals (either UberEats or similar couriers, or commuters) which have been regularly maintained. Often the reason for being returned is due to a lack of rider need (eg. an UberEats rider who stops riding for UberEats) as opposed to any fault with the bike.

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    and come with 12 months of warranty on the frame.

    and only 3 months on the battery, electrics, and running gear*

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    I dunno man, even 12 months doesn’t seem like a great warranty for a frame.

    • +5

      Frames generally aren't an issue though, if you manage to break one the chances are they will say
      Damage due to accidents, neglect, inadequate maintenance or abuse, are not covered sorry…

      My concern would be the battery which has probably been well used and abused on a rental, lots of cycles, run dead flat often, and such…

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        Probably why they only cover the frame. Only thing guaranteed not to break without abuse.

  • Can't see anything for $800, 2nd hand batteries with a 3 month warranty. The battery alone is like $400. This deal is going south pretty quickly

  • In Victoria, if it can do more than 10km/hr or has a motor with more than 200W output it's a motor vehicle which means it must be registered and the rider licensed etc. A friend's son got done just recently for exactly that and the bike was impounded as well

  • +1

    Ordered one of their ex lease bikes a while back (the NCM Venice +)

    If you're not in Sydney you've get very limited support options.
    At least they're now offering free shipping on orders over $999 (not an option when I bought mine)

    I thought their 'beautification service' on ex lease bikes was hilarious… touching up any paint chips with a black permanent marker

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