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[Switch] Hob: The Definitive Edition - $4.50 (Was $30) @ Nintendo eShop


Deepest discount on this game by a fair bit.

Was ported by Panic Button (famous for their Switch ports of Rocket League, Doom, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein 2, etc) which made me interested in why this needed their optimising expertise.

Has a 76, 7.4 on Metacritic

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  • Review say that the game looks pixelated and blurry in handheld mode, compared to when playong docked. Wonder if that part was fixed as the review was from over 2 years ago. As a Switch Lite user, if that part is fixed it'll be a good buy.

    • +4


      Looks like it's pretty good in handheld now.
      Another channel called ContraNetwork has a comparison of the first patch Vs launch as well (1.1.0 v 1.1.1) which showed improvements.

      • Oo that's good news. At 4$ seems like a no-brainer. Thanks for that reply.

  • No brainer at this price, it's a great game.

  • +1

    Hob is a very good game, love the art style and puzzle solvings, highly recommend it.

    • I agree it's underrated, only played it on the PC though, good storyline, got a bit lost at times other than that great game.

  • I sold my Switch, going to get the Oled version soon. Eshop throws an error because I dont have an active switch. I dont understand why Nintendo makes the buying experience so horrible.

    • Got anyone else you know with a Switch you can log into in the meantime?

      • -1

        No one nearby with a Switch, dont want to travel just for this deal.

        I am trying to give money to Nintendo and they dont want it, its just bizarre. Why do they care if I just buy it without an active switch.

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