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Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 $152.96, Endorphin Pro 2 $203.96 Delivered @ Running Warehouse


Great price on these highly regarded running shoes. 25% off, stacks with SUNSUPER for further discount. Free shipping or add express shipping for $3.95.

Unfortunately the Endorphin Speed 2 is not on sale. The Shift is a fantastic easy run/daily trainer for logging km's, whereas the Endorphin Pro 2 is a carbon-plated racer more suited for serious runners.

women's line also discounted here.

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  • Thanks OP - I got the shift 2 to try.

  • That's a huge price drop for a 3month old shoe. Probably bodes well for future sales too. I still think I've got another 200km in my Vaporflys before I need to replace my race shoe.

    • Out of curiosity what will the total km be before you retire them?

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        I go by feel. For the VF1s I reckon I'll get 350km before I destroy the heel rubber. My Tempo Next%s have lasted 600km thus far with only the heel wearing through to the foam.

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        Carbon fibre shoes are good for about 150kms of race day racing. Then they go into regular rotation, primarily for tempo and intervals.

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    Pace Athletic has Endorphin Speed 2 at $208 in case someone is interested.

    • Not sure why someone would choose the endorphin speed 2 over the endorphin pro 2 (which has a carbon fibre plate) for the same price.

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        Cuz just like Vaporfly, Endorphin pros are aggressive race shoes. Speeds are actually a better fit for most people in training.
        Speaking as an owner of 3 shoes mentioned.

        • I haven't tried the endorphin range, but I do have pairs of alphaflys, vaporflys and zoom fly. Old vaporflys and zoomflys are for training…. But if a new pair of vaporflys were the same price as zoom flys, then I'd get the vaporflys any day.

        • I’m looking for a shoe for my once a week speed training and eventually a speedy Parkrun/10km whenever they start back. Do you think the speed would be a better fit than the pro?
          Or both (speed for training & pro for racing) and current for the long slow ones

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            @Kah: In terms of 5/10k training, pro might actually work for you. They're bouncy and stiff but you're running at a higher pace. Speed would be my safe bet but if you can run sub 4:30/km and cruising, pro would be the better option.

            • @michaelxv333: Cheers, yes I can hit hit 22m 5k and 46m 10k (last year) since had a kid and 5kg :-) so that will be the goal next year, so start training now, up top about 40km a week, 4/5 of them low and slow and once a week a 5-10km interval or threshold training

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                @Kah: Solid plan! I'm sure you will enjoy the shoe;)

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      Got a pair, love the cushion of foam and responsiveness of the nylon plate.

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      Cross that, running lab (in the US, see previous deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640193) has Endorphin Speed at USD99 for 3 days. Add ORDERLAB10 code and have $10 off ~ you can get $89+shipping (showing $18 Fedex to Oz). At approximately AUD144 and 3 weeks wait, I call it a sweet deal.

      Will make a post of it.

      • I’ve bought the original white mutant speeds here 6 months ago. Took a little while to get here but was smooth.

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