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Fossil Garrett HR Gen 5 46mm Case Men's Link Band Smart Watch - Stainless Steel - $150 Delivered @ Watch Station eBay


For those missed the same watch deal yesterday. It's currently available on eBay. You'll get $10 with Afterpay code.

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    • also there is $12 postage so same price. Fossil themself had it for $100 yesterday, now it is OOS at Fossil.

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    I liked this model but this seller is like 96.9% and negative reviews say dodgy, bad customer support, and dont buy from. So nice watch shit no-name seller

    • The seller is actually Fossil. Bought a Gen 4 from them, paypal went to Fossil Australia Pty Ltd.
      Can't comment on after sale service.

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    I had the Gen 4, terrible battery life, super slow, although it looked good, it was the only redeeming thing about it. Looking at the reviews it looks like this watch has terrible battery life as well, do your due diligence and research it yourself to see if it'll fit within your life style before pulling the trigger

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    I paid full price for this watch last year. Well I suppose I wasn't going to wait 12 months for the prices to drop and I wasn't going to change my phones to integrate with the Apple watch.

    It was bought with a gift card, but still I can't help but laugh about how much the price has dropped.

    I am not going to give a proper review, but what I will say is that at these prices the watch is very attractive. At the price that I bought it (had I known then what I know now), I would not have bought it. The battery is crap for one, the apps should be better as well.

    I am tempted to buy a second one at these prices but I think I will exercise more self control.

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      Out of interest, what is the battery life like?

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        I've owned one for a couple of months now from the last ebay deal and battery can last you through the day but it can also depend on the watch face you set (animations and graphics), the number of notifications you get (I receive a lot in my case). I personally get approx 8-10 hours until it hits 30% battery when it then asks you to switch to extended mode (dumb watch mode) and can extend the battery life further. I wouldn't pay full price for it but agree to tbite saying $100-$150 is an attractive price and I do reckon I'm getting my money's worth.

  • Extra $5 off if you have eBay Puss

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    Bought one $150 and sold again $150. Regretted.
    Even at $100 i won't buy again.
    Heck even at free i wont be using it again.
    Thats how bad it is.

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    I bought this watch for around 120 dollars approximately a year ago. I occasionally wear it with formal dress. Battery life is bad. But I like the looks, and the watch OS is quite responsive too. Only bad thing is battery life.

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