What Shoes Are Tax Deductible?

I was trying to figure out what shoes are claimable on tax.

I need enclosed, non-slip, oil and water resistant shoes for a kitchen job. Dr Martens boots fit these criteria. Does this make them tax deductible? Otherwise I’ll buy Birkenstocks

*Keep in mind I currently wear Converse and feel like I'm about to slip and smash my head open


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    Ones that are occupational specific and can't really be used in everyday life.

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      Stick a logo on them

      • yeah "Compliant to Australian ATO Strandards"

        • Might get a few hundred of those for a dollar on aliex…

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    You can claim a deduction for shoes, socks and stockings where they are an essential part of a distinctive, compulsory uniform, and where their characteristics (colour, style and type) are specified in your employer's uniform policy.


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    You can claim anything you want until you get audited

    • Mate is going through this at moment…. some of the things they are now rejecting are interesting

      • Is he being penalised for the things they are rejecting?

        • Not sure if he is working or a Business now or employee but has car allowance etc He did have his own business in past, and ABN etc
          this audit goes back a few years

          something to do with the claims on his car …
          HE mentioned in a rage cause his missus drove it or something the klms didnt add up, they are automatically added by blue tooth to some logbook - now all claims on the car are now rejected

      • Are they a Business or employee?
        What are the things they are rejecting?

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    You can claim them as protective clothing. They need to be able to protect your feet from hot spills and knife drops.

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      The problem is, is dr martens and Birkenstock tested for knife drops? If not, I doubt he can claim them.

      • ATO would never verify that

        • Agreed, jus slap on penalty and GIC instead because it’s pretty obvious.

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    Clothing in general is not claimable unless it is very job specific.

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      Or safety related. If it is safety related then the employer should provide it (according to the WHS regs/act) but some employers fail to do so.

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    Title the deduction as "safety boots". If you use them half for personal use then only claim half. I'd title it "safety boots 50%".

    Yes, I know they aren't safety boots as per the AS but if that's all the kitchen requires then you're golden.

    If you aren't greedy and think about actual usage related to work you can claim many small deductions.

    • This.

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    TR 97/12 Has the answer you’re looking for

    Non-slip shoes must be designed specifically for your occupation. Doc Martin’s don’t fit the bill unfortunately.

    If you jump on the ATO private ruling data base you’ll see they have ruled on this a few times

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