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OzBargain Limited Release Pale Ale Pack (Total 32x 375ml Cans) $129.95 ($188 RRP) Delivered @ Dad N Dave's Brewing


Another special treat for the OzBargain community at an unbeatable price with free shipping Australia wide

Get them while you can! We only have 50 deals available before we sell out of promotional stock

The OzBargain Limited Release Pale Ale Pack includes:

16 x XPA (4.6%)
16 x L'il Hazy pale Ale (4.6%)

All beer was packed fresh last week and will be shipped Monday for all orders placed this weekend.

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    Is ozbargain printed on the can somewhere?

    • +1

      No - we just feature it because we promote the deal exclusively on this website. We will put a label on the box.

      • +4

        Title should be 'ozbargain exclusive' then. To me it sounds like a brew specifically made for ozbargain.

        • Yes, but it is available on our website so not exactly exclusive.

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    You should have ozbargain printed on the Can mate

    • +2

      Or use Sharpie.

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      Apples and oranges. Don't insult these two genuine craft brewers for the time and effort they've put into creating these drops by comparing it to VB.

      • +2

        This is Ozbargain. I'm pretty sure you can criticise overpriced alcohol like this.

        • +12

          Can't believe I'm being downvoted for this. People upvote deals for Teslas for $60K+, even though they could choose to buy a Hyundai i20 for $20K, because they're aware that they're completely different products aimed at completely different markets. This is not any different.

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            @9monkeyman9: People are extra stupid around these parts lately. Comparing mass produced beer to smaller locally brewed craft beer is something they can't comprehend.

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      VB = piss
      craft beer = premiüm piss

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        VB = piss
        craft beer = premiüm piss


  • Please release "Dad n Daves OZBa".

    Then I'll purchase.

    ps - make it 6%. thanks

    • OZba?

      • I think they want it as an Oz-Bee-A… So it kind of sounds like IPA, if you were half cut or two sandwiches shy a picnic

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    Too expensive for me for beer.

    No deal.

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      $4 for a can of beer at home (and that’s the supposedly discount price)

      I’d hate to see what a pub would charge for this, especially one of those hipster bars

  • +2

    Needs to be a variety pack. This deal looks like you are trying to flog overstock.

    • +1

      You can also still access this deal if you want more variety https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655663.

      • I looked at that deal and was interested, but this being ozbargain, I can't get my head around pickup being the same price as delivery. there must be some cost to you for getting it delivered. Can't you chuck in an extra beer or two? or maybe some spare hops I can use?

  • Anybody here able to provide personal experience? Comparison with VB is, of course, null and void. VB is swill.

    I'd like to pick up some nice beers for Christmas…but there's some excellent local brews here in Canberra, and those I've looked at are similar prices to this, but not discounted, and from a retailer.

    • problem with beer is that tastes are personal. I've certainly enjoyed some of these guys beers, but for me they are reasonably local so I can visit the brewery. surely you have a bottlo where you can grab one or two of these blokes beers and try them out. if you don't like it, then just buy the bentspoke (please don't tell me you buy capital, those guys are (profanity) and have no idea how to run a brewery)

      • Agree. I’ve had numerous beers in fancy colourful cans that are $25+ for a 4 pack and honestly, for me, it’s just not worth it. They taste probably 10% better than most other local mid-size producers. I’m happy with Fat Yak, James Squire or Mountain Goat. I am currently getting through a case of imported Peroni and it’s ok. Especially after working outside for a few hours and I’m thirsty.

        But I understand others probably reckon the colourful cans are totally worth it, even just to tell their friends and compare notes.

        • +1

          I don't drink a lot of beer at all…just keep some in my 'cellar' (ie…under the house where it's cool and dry). I'm more of a have one or two every few weeks type guy, and at social occasions (which hasn't happened this year). I like having a few different ones on hand to enjoy every now and then. I have to be extremely thirsty to go a VB or the like, and even then would probably prefer water anyway.

          Can't recall drinking Capital Brewing's work. Have had a few different Bent Spoke brews though, and liked them. Aside from that I also don't mind the likes of Fat Yak, Squire, or Mountain Goat.

          I might just get a selection from a local bottle or just Dan Murphy's. Looking at the prices around, I can get a few different six packs of some nice beers for a margin less than this deal, and of course Yak and the like are way cheaper. At full retail, this stuff would need to be pretty special stuff. Seems to me that the discount brings it down to comparable levels with other premium craft beers.

  • -1

    Equivalent to $97.50/carton (of 24) for something that really isn't that special.

  • -3

    Lol at some of the comments here. Parts of the Ozb community bit of a turd at the moment

    • We welcome all feedback. At least we are getting noticed! :-)

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