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30% off Selected Ultraboost 21 (Stack with Existing Outlet 30% off) Delivered @ adidas


Note - deal starts Tuesday 19th October midnight AEDT!

There may be more styles available as some didn't display when I searched a few item numbers. Prices start from $132.20 delivered.

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    It's unlikely to stack. Terms and conditions seem quite clear about this.

    Also apparently the offer is on until May 24th… Next year I'm guessing.

    • +1

      The good old copy paste T&C’s.

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    Stack with Amex offer too?

  • +12

    Not really a big fan of the 21s tbh. Though I have one, I still prefer the older models.

    • +5

      I bought a pair and i returned it, i felt i was in heels lol also the upper is trash. Then i bough a dna 4 and its 200 times the better shoe for lifestyle

      • +2

        Their designer must surely be feeling the same heat that the BMW beaver grille designer is.

        Aside from the massive heel this year's colours are terrible to. I've bought a pair of blue ones every year but there are no conservative ones this year. It's weird because they cornered the people looking for comfortable every day trainers in previous years but this year they've joined the very crowded "we only want to sell to proper runners" market.

        • Recently bought 21's.
          Womens 21's have a better colour range, just try going up 1 to 1.5 sizes for mens fit.
          They are super comfortable.
          I do miss the extra lacing eyelet to lock tie.

    • yeah, UB21s not doing it for me coming from my first pair which was the dna cc1. the latter felt much more plush, which was what people were raving about UBs in the first place and led me down this rabbit hole.

      21s have that awkward heel bulge (making it harder to get the shoe off using the heel drag method), hardly any padding around the ankle. and i don't know what they did with the outsole rubber but it is loud AF like a horse on a drawbridge.

      • +1

        Agree the 21s are a backward step, for some. I prefer the UB20s. Hopefully the 22s will be better than the current. Time will tell!

    • I bought a pair of ub21 for running and they’re not bad.

  • +12

    maybe because I'm Gen X, but I prefer UB40.

    • A bit of red, red wine?

  • Try linking to this instead: https://www.adidas.com.au/ultraboost21_offer as the deal isn't on all UBs

  • can confirm, the 30% does stack for the UB

  • +1

    Are these sizes on the website US or UK?

    and are these lightweight?
    Thinking of getting below for my mother. Earlier she has been buying Skechers.

    • US. they're lightweight enough for my needs (mostly walking); definitely lighter than my kayano 25s. don't have skechers so can't compare them.

  • Gosh they are some of the ugliest shoes I've seen, notice how the simple black coloured ones are never on sale..

    • Yep those are never on sale…ever

  • 300? What are adidas smoking? Ub is not in demand like 5 years ago

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