Xiaomi IMILAB EC2 Wire-Free Outdoor Camera and Gateway Bundle $199 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 NSW Pickup/ in-Store) @ PCByte


Seems like good prices compared to nest door cams, much cheaper, willing to test the water with these.

The reviews of these seems okay, however motion detection apparently is slow reacting, but I'm not planning on relying on that feature. Instead likely to get solar pannels to hook them up and keep constant recording.


think twice before you buy
Had mine for over a week now, so it simply does not allow you to record 24/7 therefore there's no point in trying to hook up solar panels and stuff. The PIR motion detection gives a lot of false alarms, although it does manage to pick up actual motion. But support says since it's low-power device, so while it detects motion in time, it takes time to wake up, resulting in a delayed recording. so say a delivery person drops off your parcel really really quickly, you might just capture them leaving.

In terms of the connection, the app is definitely a bit slow, but I haven't needed to restart or reset anything yet, probably will move these indoors as a 3d printing monitor where I don't need recording instead of security cam.

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  • get solar pannels to hook them up

    Where do they sell solar panels for this? I might buy one of these if they support a solar panel

    • It's a rechargable battery so I'd assume any cheap solar panel would probs do the trick. Catch and Banggood have them from like $30-50 a pop.

    • so i don't thing this version has office solar panel, the charging port is on the underside and has a rubber cover to provide the weather proofing ability. I'm planning on just grabbing a random off the shelf 5v out put solar panel, doesn't need to be powerful, to DIY the connection. I have a 3D printer so I will be able to design some custom cover to ensure the weather seal.

      • You need to install a solar panel blocking diode

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    Anyone have these? Just curious how long the batteries last thanks

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      I've been looking recently. This deal actually seems good, 2 wireless cameras and a base station for $200 with no cloud/paid storage!

      Unfortunately the reviews seem to trash them pretty hard. Apparently the weatherproofing isn't too good, they get condensation inside and video becomes useless or the battery shorts. Battery life is dependant on motion tracking. People don't really get any support from Xiaomi.

      I've been looking at the Eufy T8801CD2, they're around $500 for 2 cameras plus base station with the same rough issues…

      Dang i might just get these anyway lol.

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        condensation seems concerning, but honestly I would just plug the seams with blue tac and cover it with some tape to make sure it is okay. For this price I'm willing to do a lot of DIY haha

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      Not ver long. Maybe around 2 weeks. The software, at least in my version is faulty. Instead of recording humans only it records an empty street every five mins… Reolink works much better for me. Free cloud though.

  • I don’t think you can hook a solar panel to the units. I just googled some images and it appears the rear doesn’t show a DC port.

    • it has usb charging on the underside near the front

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    Battery only last 1-2 weeks according to this - https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/imilab-ec2-security-came...

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    Xiaomi quality has gone crap .. regular connection errors trying to control devices

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    I have 4 of these with a base when it first started on Kickstarter, they are not really that great. Battery lasts around 2-4 weeks in high-traffic areas. The connection with the camera is very patchy and finicky and I have to reset it from time to time because it simply won't connect.

    Support is non-exsistence as it is technically IMILAB brand and Xiaomi says it is not really their product.

    Save your money, get something else.

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