Best Phone under $200


My old Huawei is dying rapidly and I don't want to break the bank on a replacement. Any good deals for under $250? I've been looking at realme, oppo and xiaomi.


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    These are under 300,but maybe a good start/guide

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    The Motorolas are really good. They have OS updates for a long time apparently.

    I got the G9 Plus from this deal :

    It's a fantastic phone.

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      yep, my e5 is a couple of years old have had no problems apart from being slow (some might say glacial)

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  • Apparently Big W has the Realme C3 for $99, in both blue & red… you may not have any luck getting one in store - there's certainly none in stock at any of the stores near me, at least - but apparently they're still available online, with shipping costing $7.90, from what I can gather.

    My partner's had several Realme C3s which have alas met their demise via theft & physical damage, but they've been such a good phones we've sought out the same make/model to replace their predecessors each time, that's how happy we've been with them… at that price-point, I'd honestly say you can't beat them, IMHO.

    Edit: Not sure if Officeworks still stocks them - they did awhile ago, but last time I checked there weren't any available - but it may be worth checking again to make sure… if they do, you could ask them to price-match Big W's price, maybe.

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    I bought a Samsung A21s 128GB recently and I really like it…great value for the price :) Mine was on special at Woolworths but stocks are low it seems….
    look at maybe Dick Smith online…

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    Nokia 5.4 seems to OK at $238. 2 OS updates and 3 years of security updates.

  • Poll Thread for Best Phone under $300

    Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro is by far the most popular.

    I personally went with the Pixel 2 XL for stock Android ($239 for 64 GB / $259 for 128 GB @ Mobileciti )

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