Suggested Bourbon for 50th Birthday Present

Hey guys not a bourbon drinker but my neighbours turning 50 on Monday. Thinking of getting a bottle. Any suggestions, has Wild Turkey mostly.



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    Maker’s Mark

    • This or other bourbons (all $40-$60):
      - Wild Turkey
      - Jim Beam
      - Jack Daniels
      - Bulleit (fav)

      You should consider other whiskeys that might not be bourbon ($50-$70):
      eg/ Monkey Shoulder (this is good), Chivas, etc etc.

      Or since theses are all close in price, how about a bottle of Hennessy. Even the cheapest ($55 ?) makes for a pretty nice drink and present. But at this stage, I've probably confused you more than helped

    • Shop around and get Maker's Mark. It always looks expensive in the bottle. Otherwise, I'd go with Wild Turkey as another premium product

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    Wild turkey

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    Chivas Regal, scotch

    • Clearly you hate your bourbon drinking friends…

      • Haha, just a suggestion for something special or different for the big 5 0

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    rare breed

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    Budget? There's basically a Wild Turkey for ever level between $50-$200. For up to $100, Eagle Rare or Blanton's is a great choice, although Dan Murphy's has jacked the hell out of the price of the Blanton's lately. Over $100, Michters, especially if they drink cocktails. Over $150, Willett (the Willett pot still bottle looks really cool around $100 too)

    If no budget, Van Winkle, although I'd buy them a car instead.

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    knob creek( about $100) ,
    these should be around $80
    elijah craig small batch , russels reserve ,blantons single barrel

  • Any suggestions, has Wild Turkey mostly.

    Well then…. buy what they like to drink!

  • Lol thanks guys

  • Depends on your budget - when I'm not being a cheapskate and buying my bourbon by the half-gallon (e.g. this deal, I go with either Makers 46, or Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

    Jim Beam Single Barrel is also not bad.

    All of these are higher ABV, which means you can adjust the taste a bit by watering them down to personal preference, or drinking them with ice.

  • Buffalo Trace - great drinking bourbon $50+

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