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Bertolli Organic Fruity Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3l $18 (Save $18) @Woolworths


Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organic with fruity taste. Made from organic olives and produced using organic farming standards, this classic organic extra virgin olive oil is the perfect all rounder, ideal for dressings, salads, marinades and bread dipping.
Made in Spain

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    Looks like a bargain.
    But I'm reluctant to buy imported oil due to adulteration in the industry.

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      I saw the same report on ABC. I switched to buying local after that.


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        Yeah - a good expose.
        It had been a quiet inconvenient truth for some time.

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          No you're wrong! That was actually a very convenient truth to know.

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        That is a very old report and the industry has improved over the last 10 years.

        A more recent (2017) review of common super market brands of EVOO is a better guide on choosing your oil: https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/nuts-and-oils/oils/...

        I find the oil you buy in tins are much better quality over the ones you get in a bottle due to being entirely not exposed to UV rays which can quickly deteoriate EVOO.

        From the choice review it seems the more common issue is storage of the bottles and how long it's been sitting on the shelves. The whole mixing of vegetable oils is less likely to happen now.

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          In that case watch this on iview as it is a lot more recent documentary. Yes it is about other foods as well, but there is a segment on olive oil. The industry is not as improved as it might seem.

    • Interesting. What is added in the oil?

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        Tests done years ago show some companies mix extra virgin olive oil with other grades of olive oil but still sell it as extra virgin olive oil, charging the higher premium. This brand could be selling legitimate extra virgin olive oil but I'm supporting local where I can.

        This is a good price but just be aware it might not be extra virgin if that's an important consideration.

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          That's the thing. You never know what you pay for.

        • There are likely also additives such as much cheaper oils: canola, sunflower etc.
          I am unsure if there is/has been a more sinister practice of adding oils not intended for human consumption, but this may be sensationalism.

  • got 4 tins yesterday as it was a great price and made in spain and seemed like they wouldn't false advertise

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      Was it sarcasm? Bertolli was caught for a false advertisement few years ago when they were saying their oil is made in Italy when in fact they used olives grown around the globe (but not in Italy) and only bottled oil in Italy.
      Now this oil has more accurate label that says "packaged in Spain from imported ingredients", so I would not say it is made in Spain.

      Anyways as long as it tastes good to you it doesn't matter if olives they are using were grown in Turkey or Greece or somewhere else.

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    There's an unconfirmed report it's adulterated

  • Saw the price earlier today in Woolies but all sold out

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    A method I use is to pour a little olive oil onto a white plate and see what colour it is.
    If its green then it's a good start, the greener the better. It should never be yellow or brown.
    Then try tasting it by using some fresh Turkish bread or any fresh bread, one will soon learn what tastes good and what is not so good.

    I have a close friend that sends me a large 17 litre tin from Crete made from his own organic olives yearly, it costs me $85 to pick it up but oh it's so worth it. Taste is incredibly good.

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      I'd take it too for $5 a litre.

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      They adulterate it with colourings such as chlorophyll etc., so colour is not a reliable tell tell sign.Watch this.

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    Unadulterated or not you're not going to get a high quality product after its been sitting in shipping containers and storage for months.

  • This might make you think twice about buying imported olive oil: Food Fraud: An organised crime

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      Oh ok, my friend in Crete grows his own olives and sends me the oil freshly pressed every season.
      P.s I'm not buying it

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    Greece has the best Olive Oil in the world and it's hard to get outside the country because they don't make enough to have any real export industry….unlike the Spanish who cultivate it by the square mile everywhere.

  • 3L is lots, won't it go rancid?

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