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[QLD] Zytho Brewing Velvet Luxe Stout $29.95 Per Case (24) @ Dan Murphy's Earlville


End of bin clearance, dated to 24/2/22. Not exactly an FNQ summer beer, not sure if other Dan's are having a similar clear out.They're down by the registers if you're keen.

Tried it a few months ago, it's pretty good, easy to drink but a bit bland compared to similar beers where brewers use the style as an excuse to really push the envelope.

It's a milk stout. If you don't know what that is you're probably not going to like this.

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  • I had this not long ago and I thought it was a pretty good drop.

  • +1

    The zytho IPA is good too, on a price/performance basis.

  • Nice price for a decent drop.

  • Have seen this on clearance in SA too.

    • Where in SA? Might get a case

      • Marden and St Peters

  • Zytho is a good beer

  • I didn’t mind it, OP is right that it tastes a bit bland. Almost like a brown ale. I like my stouts thick enough that you can stand a pencil in them

  • I like the Zytho Haze, who would have thought that Woolworths/Endeavour Group could make a range of decent home brand beers

  • Miss the white stout they made.

    Not a stout by any measure but tasty like a crramijg soda

    • +1

      Also can confirm this deal isnt at Coolum or Noosa

      • +1

        Bugger, but at least you saved me the drive down to check, so thanks for that!

  • $64 BNE
    Getting a bit hot for stout anyway (and extra fattening) :P

  • I'm always up to try a stout, so I had one of these Zytho Luxe Stouts a while back. It was pretty meh, no way I'd buy again. Even at just over a dollar a can I don't know if I'd even make it through an entire case.

    Maybe buy it and have a splurge on stout-infused chilli?

    • 3 stars on DM site says it all

  • Has cashback stopped for Dan's?

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