50% off Sale Items + Postage (Free ACT C&C) @ Airforceshop.com.au


50% off some 100th Anniversaries memorabilia. Postage not the cheapest though. Free click and collect from store if your in Canberra. Picked up a few items. F35A Tshirt double sided printed for $15. Also the website is not the most user friendly and sizes tables not there.

Trucker cap $5.01 plus postage

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  • +1

    I was hoping for fewer protractors and more ordinance to be honest.

    • The texters are useful as well. I did say odd website

  • Foam gliders for $5… But $9 shipping

  • +8

    By the time you get your F35 t-shirt it will cost five times as much and actually be a singlet that does half the job.

    • I am getting tired of looking at the half sized mock up display model F35 at the airshow. Maybe by the half way mark Aus gov will pool the pin and go find abFench Nuclear jet to develop

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    I sincerely hope our Air Force isn't relying on its shop to fund its budget

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      prior to 9/11, they worked out an F18 Hornet cost $5,000 usd to fly, per hour, and that's just training flights, ie. not in theater dropping ordinance.

      So this wouldnt even pay for the costs of idling a plane on the runway.

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