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Python Hacking Beginner to Advanced, C, C++, C#, Java & Python (100 -130+ Projects) A$10.99ea & More @ Udemy

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    Not used to seeing paid Udemy courses on OzBargain.

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    Call me racist all day long but I hate that it is close to impossible to find a python tutorial by someone who hasn't got such a heavy accent.

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      I haven't noticed, but check out the Python course on Coursera by University of Michigan, I have done it and they were really good.

    • You mean a free one? ;) Agree though, for me they're almost as good as useless because I can't understand what they're saying. Depends what you're after, I've found some good stuff from intelligible instructors, who actually explain, not just show.

    • Racist

    • I've been learning Python from Paul Deitel's Python Fundamentals course. He's got a clear American accent, but the videos are only available on O'Reilly which is quite expensive ($39/month)

    • have a look at the "Tech with Tim" channel on youtube - great teacher. easy to listen to - covers python, go, javascript and more


  • Anyone done the C++ one?
    For $10 i'd do it if its pretty decent. I know you can also find good stuff online (i have already started a couple small beginner things), but to have 100 step/project follow along guide all in one is convenient compared to finding things all over.

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