Need Help to Choose a Career after Working as a Graphic Designer

Hi I am working at present as a Graphic Designer with experience of also working as a web designer in the past and lost touch with html, css, javascript.
I am planning to do a course right now to enhance my career.
Which course would be more beneficial UI/UX, Digital Marekting or Social Media Marketing.

Please suggest.



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    If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.”

    • Are you recommending this course from personal experience?

      • from my wife's experience - she said really enjoyed it , helped her a lot to gain new knowledge etc
        I did help her a little bit explaining things like github, vs code, bootstrap, setting up environment in general etc
        Very structured, well explained , covers lots of stuff required for people who want to change careers or return to workforce and starting doing something new
        And it is free !

    • Do you know anyone that's taken the course and is now employed? I'm wondering what an example starting salary is.

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    IMO go with UI/UX. It's more relaxing and better paying. Digital and Social Media Marketing is already dominated by easy-to-use tools like Canva and Salesforce.

    • Yes correct thats what's going on in my mind. But which place for the course is a good option?

      • Pluralsight. What types of course are you looking for theory or using modern UI frameworks?

    • Digital and Social Media Marketing is already dominated by easy-to-use tools like Canva and Salesforce.

      Not just that, but it's an industry that's got too much buzz right now - too many people in digital / social media marketing who have little skills / talents and are not adding real value to their employers IMO.

      It's similar to what happened with data analytics (which is just a fancy word for statistics) around 5 - 10 years ago. I'm a statistician, so I know the industry well. Everyone and their uncle were hiring for data analytics, plenty of people getting into the industry with nothing more than a 6 month course in R or whatever. Obviously they added no real value and in the years since, the entire industry rationalised and now it's actually a really attractive job with really smart / motivated people.

      I'd actively avoid any industry where there's hype / buzz, always seems to attract the worst of the worst.

      • Agreed, I've seen a lot of banks hire cheap SAS developers from India, which caused more delays and debugging due to language barrier.

  • Software dev, front/backend dev

  • If Ivan doesn't teach it then it's not worth learning.

  • Well the obvious question is what career do you wish to move into.

    Of the options you've listed, my hunch is that UI/UX designer, particularly if you have good software development (i.e. programming) skills would be by far and away the best option. If you have genuine design experience and are a good programmer, you'll be a rarity.

    Digital marketing and anything to do with social media is completely saturated these days. It's very difficult to break into these industries without good connections from what I've seen.

    • I have some working experience of front end development in the past, will it help me in UI/UX, Allthough cant write code and dont intend to either.

      • I have some working experience of front end development in the past, will it help me in UI/UX

        That depends on what UI Framework you've used.

        Modern day front end web development is quite easy. React for instance is now much easier to learn with hooks.

        Tools like Adobe XD and Figma can automatically convert XD Components into React Components. It's just up to you to add responsiveness, global style variables and states.

        • So it sounds like one need not be a hard core programmer, or someone who knows how to write code.
          Even with some background of front end development knowledge we can progress and take it up and can do well.

  • So anyone to reconn the place to get the UI/UX course done as my company has recommended me that if i did like to do training or course and they will sponsor it..not sure about the budget need to ask.

  • Just to note, UI and UX is a bit different and in fact are different roles. I know "UX designers" who were previously graphic artists that have no clue what to do or they just want to design interfaces they like. Nowadays UX is closer to product than design and work closely with solutions architects as well. Once everything has been researched and data crunched only then we ship it to the UI guys to produce screens. Graphic designers basically just churn out assets.

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