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Xiaomi Monitor Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Controller US$43.65 (~A$60.80) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Currently a flash deal on Banggood and there's still quite a few units left!


Easy installation: Just hanging it on your monitor, saving space on your desk.
Asymmetric forward projection design: Avoid screen reflection, even focusing on the screen for a long period of time, you don't need to worry about the glare and dazzle. It effectively reduces eye fatigue.
Adjustable brightness and color temperature: you could brightness and color temperature by pressing and spinning the remote control.
Ra90 Color Rendering Index: High Color Rendering Index, the presentation of colors is more real, more vivid, and has better recognition.
USB Type-C connector: The lamp can be powered by a monitor, computer, USB adapter and power bank.

Package List:

1* Lamp
1* Base
1* Remote control
2* AAA battery (Not Included)
1* Manual

Shipped from CN warehouse (approx 15-25 business days).

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    If you get this, consider where to put your webcam. Mine has a weird flexible stand so it can be moulded anywhere, but standard monitor top clips may not work.

  • I have one of this. Really cool.

  • +3

    ah! here comes another surface dust highlighter deal

  • this or the yeelight pro?

    • Do you need RGB or not?
      I'm using this it's simple and awesome.

      • i dont need RGB, im thinking the yeelight non pro works best for me as it got backlight as well

  • Bright idea

  • +2

    My lamp stopped working after few months no luck with warranty, only partial refund from Banggood.

    • +4

      Can confirm, bought one and the remote was faulty and doesn't even work. I can't even use it without the remote.

      Reached out to Banggood and they were being very difficult only to get a partial refund.

      Not worth the hassle.

      • That’s interesting! I’m able to get mine to turn on and off by plugging in - have you tried rotating the puck? (assuming you’ve got batteries in the button)

        • Rotating the puck affects brightness so maybe it’s just turned all the way down.

          Pushing down on the puck is on / off for me

        • +1

          That's the fault, the puck doesn't open and trying to force it out feels like I'm about to break the remote!

          Edit: they were happy to give a full refund on the condition that I ship the whole item back to China to get repaired/looked at.. WHICH… would cost up to $100 (more than the item itself).. ridiculous

          • @iScott: The puck should open but it's not obvious how to do it. If it's taking force thats the wrong way. Check unboxing videos until you find one that shows it, that's what i had to do

          • @iScott: I just tried opening mine and its really easy (As in requires very little force). You only needed to hold the bottom ring on place, lightly push down and twist on the rubber backing. If its as much force as youre making it out to be, maybe you'd be turning it the wrong way?

  • does this fit on a curved gaming monitor screen like the dell S3222 DGM?

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