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BOGOF: Dark Nebula All Constellations 48 Cans for $105, 24 Cans for $75 + Shipping @ Only Craft Beer



DARK NEBULA All Constellations
  • Choose 12 or 24 pack
  • Select your Zodiac : All Constellations
  • Add 2 Cases to your cart


Use code: PAYONE @ checkout

Quick, the cases are limited

Free case only for All Constellations - not available for stand-alone Zodiac sign
We do not ship to Northern Territory
48 cans for $105 and 24 cans for $75

Shipping information: https://www.onlycraftbeer.com.au/knowledge-base/how-much-doe...

Ordering 24 cans (about 9 kg) rate is $13 Australia Wide
Ordering 48 cans (about 18 kg) rate is $15 Australia Wide

About the beer:
4.5% ABV - 330 ml can
Smooth dark ale with sensational coffee roast aromas packed with just enough nutty chocolate and malty finish. Not too bitter

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  • +10

    Price in title please

  • +6

    Hey op, what's the Brew date/Best before date on these?

  • +3

    I think putting buy 1 get 1 free will be more tempting and that's what you are offering anyway.

    • +4

      I agree generally if you pay for one and then get the second free it's BOGOF (Buy one get one free). The way it's written now it could be misconstrued as buy 2 get one free (pay for 2 get the third free).

      That's how I read it anyway.

    • Or this:
      If you put 16 in your cart and then remove 15 of them, we'll let you put one more in your cart for free.

      Ah, no, I forgot to capitalise so your way's better.

  • +1

    Here is fixed your title:
    BOGOF 48 cans($105) - 24 cans($75) @ OnlyCraftBeer
    Is it a good offer? I don't know…

  • +3

    Shipping in title please.
    It's $13 to Queensland. So $88 minimum.

    Also OP, could you please lets us know brew date/expiry as much less keen to try if they're shortdated and then being sold at a discount

    • +2

      It’s actually $15 shipping once you add in the second one.

      • Shipping is calculated by weight.
        24 cans is $13 - two cases of 12 cans
        48 cans is $15 - two cases of 24 cans
        If you order 4 cases of 24, total 96 cans - shipping is $20

    • Hi,
      Shipping is $13 for 24 cans (2 cases of 12) and $15 for 48 cans (2 cases of 24)
      The beers are not shortdate - Interstellar Beverages is doing a clearance as it is a dark ale

  • +2

    After reading the title, I'm still confused what the offer is. It contradicts itself.

  • +5

    If you don’t want “all constellations” and are happy with just one - $55 a slab with free shipping direct from Interstellar?

    • +1

      So it's cheaper from here (the brewery) once shipping costs are included, and I don't need to buy two cases… Awesome. Thanks!

    • Thanks better value than ops "deal". I'm giving it a go.

    • +1

      Even the "All Constellations" is cheaper direct from Interstellar Beverages - $70 for a case of 12, and it's ALSO BOGOF, with FREE shipping = $70 for 24 cans. Very disappointed OP is charging $18 more for the exact same product. Not a deal at all and trying to cancel my order now

  • +3

    Seems dodgy

  • Shouldn't have to read the comments to to work out it's BOGOF. No shipping mentioned.
    Pass for me

  • “ The coupon code "PAYONE" is not valid.”

    Actually you have to add both in the cart for it to work. It doesn’t apply a second one when code added.

  • +3

    cheaper buying direct

  • +1

    Just got my beer today - very disappointing. Some much fizz.

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