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Hi all,
We recently moved to our house. The Garden shed there seem OK except the edges are getting rust because it was placed simply over soil. I am getting concreting done this week and planning to paint it before re-installation. I am not sure what type of material shed is made of and what type of paint I will need ..

Photo of Shed :



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    "looks like" galvanised iron. metal primer and top coat (maybe a combined no primer paint). important to be sure it is clean prior painting (as with any paint application).
    larger area with shape usually means spraying, but given proximity to house I would brush it on

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      Only thing I would add is start with a rust converter to treat the rust then clean, prime, paint.

  • As per nugs above but I have many questions.

    Why 4 jumpers on the roof?
    Why permanent writing on the panels?

    • Why 4 jumpers on the roof?

      I can only see two.

      Where are the other two ?

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        On the other side. One might be a rag.

        • On the other side.

          I see them now… thanks…

          • @jv: On review the other item might be something in the neighbours yard. Hmmmmm

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              @MS Paint: More likely there are two naked tradies running around the back yard.

    • Lolz, Concreting tradies hung them there

  • It doesn't seem to be anchored very well….

    Might be very dangerous in high winds…

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      I'm guessing it has been relocated and awaiting the new concrete slab before refixing.

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    I am getting concreting done this week

    Make sure you lay some conduit to the shed before concreting if you decide to add power at a later date…

    • LPT

    • How much would an electrician charge these days for running conduit to that shed and add in PowerPoints and a light?

      • Just run the conduit yourself and get the electrician to connect the power…

        There are no laws about who can dig trenches in your own yard.

        • Just the minimum depth for the conduit.

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            @Dslrfirst: Yes, but you don't need a licence to dig it.

        • sometimes the electrician wont sign off that its deep enough as they didnt do it themselves…..yeah I tried to tell them its pretty easy to see the start and end…..its not I doglegged it up …….

          guess they're paranoid someone did as they couldnt be stuffed digging a really long deep trench.

          all depends on who you get, they'll probably just not sign it off as compliant?

          • @whatthecrappin:

            sometimes the electrician wont sign off that its deep enough as they didnt do it themselves…

            Can't they use a tape measure?

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    i would just spot treat any rusty areas and leave the rest alone

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      Agreed. Once you paint it, it will need painting again in a few years.

      • Electro-dip painting ?

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    Wire brush then spray with some spray galv. Job done leave it at that.

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    Pretty sure it’s made of zincalume, I can’t see any rust so it must be pretty small area? Anyway, you should remove the rust with a wire brush as much as possible, then apply a metal primer (eg dulux precision primer), then top coat. Choose a grey colour that matches the metal.

    Make sure that when they install the slab, they use damp proof course under (normally thin orange plastic) to stop water rising up. I would also recommend you install damp proof course (thicker black plastic) under your shed walls on top of the slab so if water rise up, the plastic acts as a barrier

    • The rest is appearing at the edges where it was in contact with the ground.

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    I don’t see any rust, I do see tradie jackets, the owner of the acket will know what to do.

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    Quick easy solution: sand off the rust, hand paint or spray paint with Dulux Metashield. Comes in most Colourbond colours. No need to prime. Looks good.

    • i think thats what i am gona do. thanks mate

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